Gorilla, India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan

What if we told you that you can cut your electricity bills by 65% Gorilla fan consumes less energy than even your normal tubelight. Unbelievable? Impossible? Well, we made it possible.


Explore the awesome Gorilla Fan

Gorilla energy efficient ceiling fan is India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan which brings down electricity bill due to fans by 65%.
  • Energy Efficient

    Using high quality energy efficient BLDC motors.

  • Power Consumption

    Gorilla Fan consumes only 1/3 electricity compared to ordinary fans in the market.


Timer mode

Sleep Mode

  • Automatically stops after the programmed hour
  • Use this feature when you don’t need fan after 1, 2, 3, 6 or 9 hours
  • Saves energy, increases comfort level

Timer Mode in Ceiling fans

  • Fan’s speed keep on reducing gradually
  • During the night increase your comfort level by switching to this mode
  • Saves energy smartly

Sleep mode in ceiling fan

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BLDC Motor

BLDC Motor
  • Super energy efficient BLDC technology.
  • No Heating, Motor runs cool.
  • Smart algorithms implemented to precisely tune the motor in real time.

More about Gorilla Energy Efficient Fan

energy efficient fan
  • Highest service value (air delivery/ watt)
  • No Humming noise
  • Extremely efficient and smart BLDC motors
  • Consistent performance even at low voltages
  • Runs 3 times on inverter as compared to ordinary fans
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 Certified


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    I never realized that the normal ceiling fans in my house accounted for more than 20% of total electricity consumption. Once I switched to Gorilla, I could straightaway see the difference in my electricity bills. Replacing 4 ordinary ceiling fans with Gorilla resulted in a saving of more than Rs 400 per month for me. Loved the way Gorilla simplified my life!

    Subhash Chandra
    Marketing Manager
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    Since I come from a tier 2 city, load shedding used to be a major concern. And because of the high power consuming ordinary fans, my inverter battery used to completely drain out within 1 hour. But ever since I switched to Gorilla, my inverter battery has never drained out. True to its claim, Gorilla is indeed India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan.

    Bilal Abidi
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    I always had to get up to either reduce the speed of the fan. But Gorilla’s smart remote solved this problem for me. When I want the fan to switch off after 9 hours, I can use the timer mode. When I want the fan speed to reduce gradually throughout the night, I can use the sleep mode. I am thankful to Gorilla for making my life more comfortable.

    Manas Shinde
    SEO Expert

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