How A Smart Home Helps In Saving Money

A smart home is one where all sorts of smart appliances are used every day. Using smart gadgets is not only fun and interesting but also helps in saving energy and money. In our fast paced lives, we barely get time to pay attention to the details of power saving. How simple would it be Read more »

Richest Startup Founders Of India

Research claims that Nine out of ten start ups fail but the one that survives in the Industry creates an inspiration around. The founders do have the passion and enthusiasm to be sustained in the business and money just becomes a byproduct of the enduring hard work. We have some of the young startup founders Read more »

Energy Conservation: Need Of The Hour

India has grown into one of the most powerful developing nations over the years. The rapid advancement is seen in every sector of the economy. From a country of oil lit villages, India now has electric supply even in the most remote mountains. Hand pumps have been replaced by electric motors, agriculture has now been Read more »

Ways To Save Money While You’re Asleep

Sometimes between automating our homes and saving money we end up paying more than we intend to. New technologies have been helping us to keep a leash on the expenses by introducing ways to save more money. Cool right!? But don’t we all worry about the bills that need to be cleared even when we’re Read more »

GRIHA Certified Atomberg Technology Pvt Ltd

GRIHA Council is a joint initiative of Ministry of New Renewable Energy, Government of India & The Energy and Resources Institutes (TERI) to implement GRIHA, Indian national rating system for sustainable habitats. GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) is a rating tool that helps people assesses the performance of their building against certain nationally Read more »

8 Energy Conservation Hacks

Energy conservation is a very sensitive topic at the moment. If we keep on using up the non-renewable resources of energy at the current rate, we will soon exhaust it all. This is why we need to get off our butts and save energy. Save 65% Of Your Bill! Buy #GorillaFan Get Free Installation* Here Read more »

Tips On How To Use High-Tech Gadgets

Indian Gadget Expo 2016 (IGE) is a never-before gathering of the latest products and innovations in Bangalore aka Silicon Valley of India. A platform to experience the most incredible consumer tech, gadgets and gizmos-all under one roof. IGE 2016 is a 3-day International event on gadgets and product launches, panel discussion, awards & entertainment. It Read more »

7 Reasons For Technological Challenges Faced By India

You’re watching Game of Thrones and suddenly a major twist takes place within the episode and the T.V screen goes black and then you realize it’s not just the T.V screen that has gone black but your room itself has turned into a small black hole. In this little black hole you are the only Read more »

5 Successful Start-Ups In India

Ideas to Success A vision and absolute faith in it, is what it takes to make things happen. The world is filled with people who’ve made a fortune by putting their ideas to practice. Their success stories are an inspiration to many aspirants who intend to start a new venture. Let’s have a look at Read more »

Pros And Cons Of Using Solar Energy

Using #Solar energy to meet the power needs is eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly. But there are various terms and conditions on which the efficiency of solar power depends. Let us take you through some pros and cons of using solar power. PRO: You end up saving up a lot on your electricity bill. According Read more »