6 Ways To Use Solar Energy At Home

Solar energy is the most abundant form of #renewable energy which is harnessed using various technologies. A solar cell is the basic unit of every solar technology that directly converts solar light into electricity through a chemical and physical process. Energy conservation is quite critical at the moment and it’s time to switch to using Read more »

Match Your Home Appliances To Your Furniture

Appliances now friends with furniture A homemaker spends most of the time vacuuming, cleaning, washing and ironing, cooking etc. ‘sounds backbreaking’ however it’s a relief when you have hi-tech appliances to assist you. For centuries we have been using various household appliances to make our daily chores less laborious and less time consuming. Home appliances Read more »

3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Home Appliances

Shopping for home appliances can be a daunting task, especially with the wide array of choices being made available these days. And the anticipation of finding quality product that’s built to last only adds to the anxiety. However, there are certain things one can keep in mind, before going shopping, which would help obtain appliances Read more »

First Green City In India

“PEOPLE GROW GREEN AND GREEN MAKES PEOPLE GROW” A green environment actively contributes to the quality of life.The fact remains that people are happier and feel better in green surroundings. Cities in India are growing fast in terms of technology, infrastructure, and environment, and they are happily adopting the #GoGreen way of living. Some clean Read more »

How Indians Can Save Energy While Drying Their Clothes

India, as we know, is a pretty populated country (an understatement of sorts). Fact remains that the majority of India belongs to a middle class or a lower middle class who can only afford small apartments with or sometimes, without balconies. There is barely enough space in these small houses to accommodate human beings and Read more »

School Initiatives In India

Besides going green at home and work, making use of green technologies in #schools and educational trusts is a big step towards energy conservation in #India. And there are many schools in India who have already started participating in the transformation. Here are some of the schools which are going green: Druk White Lotus School, Read more »

Biggest Power Outage In Indian History

‘When Darkness dawned on India’ From the very first electric shocks delivered by catfish and electric rays to this day, electrical engineering has progressed significantly. Today we are harnessing electricity to run a wide range of appliances, it has become an integral part of our daily existence, so much so that a phone running out Read more »

Different Types Of Electricity

Electricity is one of the finest inventions in our lives. Everything and anything that we see runs on one or the other form of electricity. Electricity is a concept that many are unfamiliar with. Electricity for such people is to switch the button on, the appliance starts to work, switch the button off and that’s Read more »

10 Ways To Save Energy At Home

Charity starts at home. If you want to help your city, your country and the world in fact, in the matters of energy conservation, you should start saving energy at home first. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi Here are the various ways in which you can do Read more »

How People Kept Cool Before Electric Fans & AC’s

The evolution of air-conditioning In a scorching afternoon it is highly unlikely that, sitting in an air-conditioned cabin/home, one might think of the early ages when keeping cool wasn’t as easy as pressing a button on the remote. However, it’s quite impressive to know the ingenious methods used by our ancestors to beat the heat Read more »