Atomberg Offers That We Need To Know About

Atomberg Technology was established in 2012 by a group of fresh graduates from IIT Bombay with a vision to serve India with reliable and sustainable energy resources. In a country like ours were access to electricity is still an issue, they believed to launch a product that consumed less electricity. And so they did. It Read more »

Atomberg’s Reach In India

Freshly graduates from IITB started Atomberg Technologies – a modern hardware company with a sole dream in eradicating the gap between two aspects; energy efficient appliances and the profuse variety in appearance & style. Appliances are very crucial when we think of decorating our homes and we often feel the need to set a theme Read more »

Rural Electrification; The Truth In Darkness

A layer of dusk has formed over a tiny village in Bihar and it’s time to begin the evening chores. Women come out of their homes handling the oil lanterns to hang over the doors. This is the scenario of every household in the Indian villages that is facing the issue of power cuts. However, Read more »

India, A Leading High-Tech Country

The whole world is getting technologically advanced as days passes by. Countries have been cooperatively participating in giving us a digital world. The top ten countries that are super high-tech and advancing as we discuss about it. India is one of the countries that make it in the list and on the 2nd position. Don’t Read more »

Story Of Hot Hotasar

A secluded village near Jaisalmer had been in dark since forever. The village put ups in the deserts of Rajasthan. Hotasar was one of the 75 million households in India who were still living by candlelight. Country’s electrification plan, where every village will have access to 24 hour electricity somehow failed to provide it to Read more »

Renewables Reach 5.7% Of India’s Energy Mix

The share of renewables, excluding hydropower, in India’s energy mix has reached 5.7% as of February this year, up from 4.97% in 2012. According to data released by the Central Electricity Authority. Energy minister Piyush Goyal states that amendments to the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) in January have set the target for 8% of the Read more »

Energy Efficient Lights That Should Be Preferred

Did you know that 60 percent of your energy bill constitutes of the power you use in house lighting. This is why using energy saving lights can save a lot on your energy bill. Light technologies have evolved from inefficient tubelights to energy saving LEDs over the past few years. Incandescent bulbs and tubelights The Read more »

Can You Guess Which The First Digital State In India Is?

Pranav Mukherjee, the President of India, declared Kerala as the first digital state in India at an event held in Kozhikode. He has also launched a digital empowerment campaign in Kerala which aims at developing a better digital communication across the state by the year 2020. Save 65% Of Your Bill! Buy #GorillaFan Get Free Read more »

Implementation Of A Smart Environment

Besides having a smart home and smart appliances, we also need to have a smart environment to encourage a safe and easy lifestyle for us and our future generations. “A smart environment can be defined as a small world where different kinds of smart device are continuously working to make inhabitants’ lives more comfortable.” – Read more »

The Future Of Home Appliances

Everyone remembers watching the cartoon series “The Jetsons” as kids. How mesmerized we used to be looking at the hi-tech gadgets. It’s been more than 29years the show aired its last episode but it still amuses us. Did you ever notice how many of the gadgets are now more than fiction? The Jetson’s sleek TV Read more »