Ceiling Fan Functions

Ceiling fans are most widely used category of fans; they are used both in industries and in residential places for cooling and heating. Functions of the ceiling fans are listed below: 1. Ceiling fans are in residential apartments as the primary source of cooling. They are also used to dry clothes during the rainy season. Read more »

Features of Ceiling Fan

When you purchase a ceiling fan there are various features to look for, few of them are listed here: 1. Blade Size: The size of the blades is dependent on the area of the room that needs to be covered. 2. Material of Fan: The material of the fan is one of the main features Read more »

Benefits of Ceiling Fan

The cheapest and easiest way of cooling in hot countries like India is by use of ceiling fan. Ceiling fan doesn’t really reduce the space air temperature but actually circulates the air inside the room which creates a cooling effect. Using ceiling fan has lots of benefits like: 1. Ceiling fan makes room windy and Read more »