Gorilla and EESL Ceiling Fan

Around a year back, EESL started publicising that they will be distributing 5 star (50-55 watt) fans. At that time itself, we thought that they are doing it wrong and repeating the same CFL mistake by procuring and mass distributing 50 W fans when 28 W fans are available in the market. But buoyed by Read more »

EESL: Repeating the same CFL mistake with ceiling Fans

Few days back, when I opened the newspaper, I got a surprise. EESL, the heart and soul of energy efficiency in the country, just floated a tender to procure lakhs of BEE 5 star rated ceiling fans. On the face of it, you would think it is a great initiative. After all, replacing old 75-80W Read more »

The Future of Household Appliances

How many times have you walked into an Air Conditioned Room on a hot and humid day, and started feeling extremely cold after 10-15 minutes? And the person sitting on another corner kept on complaining that he is still feeling hot? For an average Indian, this will be a pretty regular occurrence. This is what Read more »