Top Five Smart Cities Around The World

The concept of Smart city is something we all are familiar with. The use of digital technologies to enhance the performance of the public and private services is the simplest definition of a smart city. These smart cities not just use technology to save money but also to create high-quality employment, increase citizen participation and Read more »

Kochi Airport: First In The World That Runs Completely On Solar Energy

If you look below a hovering airplane over Cochin International Airport, you’ll be struck by the glittering cluster of reflective panels near the runway. Crossing a major milestone, the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) in Kerala has stopped paying its electricity bill altogether. In fact it has actually started contributing energy back to the grid Read more »

Global Warming And Its Effects On Our Ecosystem

A gradual change in the Earth’s climate has been a crucial matter of concern since a few years now. The temperature of the land and the water bodies are increasing at an awfully prompt rate. Various human activities constitute as the major cause of global warming. The emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide Read more »

Ecosphere PowerCube: A Portable Solar Generator

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. is a USA based manufacturing company that develops environmental technological solutions for global markets. In June 2014, Ecosphere Technologies came into limelight when they announced the completion of world’s largest portable solar powered generator. This mobile solar generator was named as “Ecosphere PowerCube”. Ecosphere Technologies specialize in producing technologies that are used Read more »

Top Renewable Energy Companies In The World

With the world realising the ever rising need for energy and the major depletion of resources over the years, major companies are trying to balance this ratio with renewable energy making #energyreform. The increasing population and the progressing economies, it is no surprise developing countries like India and China on the forefront. Major companies have Read more »

Wind Power in India

Wind Power is a renewable energy. Wind power is generated by using a large wind turbine usually consisting of propellers: the turbine can be connected to a generator to generate electricity, or the wind used as mechanical power to perform tasks such as pumping water or grinding grain. As the wind passes the turbine it Read more »

Here’s How You Can Use Smart Light Control System According To Your Mood

It is the generation of smart lighting that plays according to your mood. Lights are perfect to give your home an ambiance as per your command be it a house party with friends or an intimate evening with the special one. Hence, find out those perfect bulbs that are created for your convenience to elicit Read more »

Reasons Why Smart Toilets Will Be Revolutionary

Porcelain throne, commode, loo. Whatever you call it, the business has stayed the same, even with the luxuries involved. Today, with everything being affiliated with smart technology, toilets are keeping up in the race. Smart Toilets were introduced by Japanese firm Toto in the CES Las Vegas 2016. This smart toilet lifts the lid when Read more »

Is Online Shopping Eco-Friendly?

Throughout the years there have been changes in the lifestyle of ours. From literally making detours to store to now buying things with a single click, we travelled a lot. The concept of online shopping whirled the retail industry in no time. Convenience, no middle men rates, quality and all of that while you sit Read more »

Make Way For Kitchen Of The Future

Remember how our mothers are always in a dilemma about what to prepare for dinner every evening? What if in the future we have our fridge and oven to decide that too? Coming future, our refrigerator will have sensory features to alert us when we run out of milk products or any other for that Read more »