Induction motors Vs BLDC motors: The technology explained

A few years back there was a major transition from incandescent bulbs to LED due to the huge reduction in power consumption achieved by LEDs. It was just not another technology but a revolution in the industry because the same amount of lumens could be achieved with very less power consumption. The ceiling fan industry Read more »

Size of the Ceiling fan

One of the most difficult decisions while purchasing new fans is to decide the size of the fan. Since room sizes are different, the number and size of fans in each room would be different. This article will help you make a much better decision the next time you decide to buy fans.   Ceiling Read more »

Noise from ceiling fan

Noise from ceiling fans can become a very big problem if ignored for too long. You will usually observe weird noises coming from our fan and it is hard to determine what the root cause of it is. We tend to neglect the issue of noise coming from fan unless it amplifies to an irritating Read more »

How to install a ceiling fan?

Do you call your electrician to install your TV, washing machine etc? Most of us don’t. But when it comes to ceiling fans, most of us are still at the electrician’s mercy. And with electricians charging Rs 250-Rs 300 for installing, it is time that we start installing the fans ourselves.  Ceiling fan is one Read more »

Energy efficiency- need of the hour

Energy efficiency is one of humanity’s most pressing yet underrated needs. Saving energy is not just limited to turning off appliances when not in use, or turning off your car engine when you are at a signal; or by using 5-star appliances. It goes much beyond this. 17% people globally don’t have access to electricity. Read more »