Blade-less Fan

In a Blade-less fan the air flows through the channel in the pedestal of the fan when the motor is turned on. After that, the air flows through the hollow tube. Then the air is shot out through 16-mm slits. This air flows smoothly, rather than turbulently as with a blade fan. The curvature of Read more »

Power Consumption of a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan is by default the most used appliance at your home. People are not aware of how much power does ceiling fan consume. An antique and old fan might give a home an antique finish but it can actually result in an additional expense of upto Rs 200 per fan every month.    Ceiling Read more »

Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore dust accumulation is one of the biggest problems. The accumulation of dust has said to create quite a lot of respirational problems. It’s essential that one keeps the houses clean and dust free, which becomes a task in the fast moving city life. It’s during festival time every Read more »

Ceiling Fan Repair

Squeech, Kit Kit noises, burning smell, not turning on and blown up capacitor are common problems with traditional ceiling fans. Ceiling fan are an essential part of life in tropical country like India. A day without ceiling fan can be a tough job. Out of the 100 issues that might rise up there are few Read more »

5 Star ceiling fan

To educate people about the need to reduce power consumption and help people make a wise decision, BEE has introduced a system of star rating. Star ratings essentially indicate the degree of efficiency of an appliance. According to these ratings, a 5 star rating would mean the most energy efficient; where as a 1 star Read more »

Ceiling Fan Functions

Ceiling fans are most widely used category of fans; they are used both in industries and in residential places for cooling and heating. Functions of the ceiling fans are listed below: 1. Ceiling fans are in residential apartments as the primary source of cooling. They are also used to dry clothes during the rainy season. Read more »

Features of Ceiling Fan

When you purchase a ceiling fan there are various features to look for, few of them are listed here: 1. Blade Size: The size of the blades is dependent on the area of the room that needs to be covered. 2. Material of Fan: The material of the fan is one of the main features Read more »

Benefits of Ceiling Fan

The cheapest and easiest way of cooling in hot countries like India is by use of ceiling fan. Ceiling fan doesn’t really reduce the space air temperature but actually circulates the air inside the room which creates a cooling effect. Using ceiling fan has lots of benefits like: 1. Ceiling fan makes room windy and Read more »

Gorilla and EESL Ceiling Fan

Around a year back, EESL started publicising that they will be distributing 5 star (50-55 watt) fans. At that time itself, we thought that they are doing it wrong and repeating the same CFL mistake by procuring and mass distributing 50 W fans when 28 W fans are available in the market. But buoyed by Read more »

Induction motors Vs BLDC motors: The technology explained

A few years back there was a major transition from incandescent bulbs to LED due to the huge reduction in power consumption achieved by LEDs. It was just not another technology but a revolution in the industry because the same amount of lumens could be achieved with very less power consumption. The ceiling fan industry Read more »