Best so far. Air flow is even and area covered is extremely good considering the bed is 7 * 9ft. My home team was extremely impressed with the first one during peak summer (March 16) , we went on to buy another in quick succession (April 16). We experienced one of the hottest summers in Bengaluru this year and the gorillas helped tide over the scorching heat with their soothing breeze. The remote is definitely a welcome accessory. We notice that we have become a tad more lazy than we were before the gorillas arrived and now are looking to remote controlled room lights 🙂 Whats more, my 1.5 yr old baby girl can turn it on and off remotely. Well that I did not expect of her but then she does like it and the blue led coming on and off :-). Due to various reasons - onset of monsoon, summer vacations I am unable to gauge the change in electric consumption. However, I would definitely come back on that after 6 months. For now, it would suffice to say that as a product it does its primary job pretty well.Leaves the competition way behind.

Karthik Venkatachalam

I bought 4 Gorilla Fans from Atomberg. There have been logistical issues for supply in West Bengal but the team was very supportive & they resolved the issue. I am thoroughly satisfied with these products. I would definitely recommend these products to all my friends. I wish Atomberg succeeds in the tender called for EESL for energy efficient fans to be supplied in large scale across the country. This company is a truly Make in India initiative & we should support them. My suggestion is that more colours be made available like supper fan & also the 1400 mm fans should also be made available.

chaitanya prakash

Came across the Gorilla fan when I was searching the internet for a unit that would have a quiet operation at all speeds. After reading about the power savings and use of better technology, I was quite interested in buying these for a new home. I called the company got the details and asked to test one fan before purchasing others. The sales person was very knowledgeable and shipped the fan immediately. I had it installed in a frequent use room and in addition to being aesthetically pleasing (white unit), the operation was very satisfactory. The remote is definitely of great use as we do tend to vary the speeds and not having to change the wall mounted regulators was a big plus. After a week of operation, we have purchased 6 more units and fans have been performing quite well. Visitors to the house have commented that it looks good and I also tell them that it consumes only 23 watts compared to the 70 watts of the traditional fans. I have not verified the efficiency factor as the fans were installed in a new home and I have no comparison data. So far very satisfied with the fans. It has satisfied our main criteria well and any energy savings will help us do our bit for conservation.

Bushan Byragani