Ceiling Fans

Consuming just 28 Watts at the highest speed, Atomberg’s Gorilla Fans are India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan. Using BLDC technology, each ceiling fan results in a saving of Rs 1000-Rs 1500 per year depending on usage and electricity rates.

The fan comes with a smart remote control, which has speed control, sleep and timer mode. There is a 3year on-site warranty on the product.

These ceiling fans come in different sizes of 900, 1050, 1200 and 1400 mm. The standard ceiling fans come in 3 different colors( white, ivory and brown). The premium fans come in the 2 different colors( Sand Grey and Earth Brown).

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fans 900

Gorilla Ceiling Fan E1-900

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fans 1050mm

Gorilla Ceiling Fan E1-1050

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fans 1200mm

Gorilla Ceiling Fan E1-1200

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fans 1400mm

Gorilla Ceiling Fan E1-1400

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fan premium earth brown

Gorilla Premium Earth Brown

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fan premium sand grey

Gorilla Premium Sand Grey