Gorilla Ceiling Fan White 1200mm

Gorilla energy efficient ceiling fan-1200mm


Researched and developed by group of IIT Alumni is Gorilla E1-1200. It Consumes just 28 Watts at the highest speed, Gorilla is India's most energy efficient. It's Ideal for a room size of up to 12 X 12 ft. The aluminum body with a metallic finish will blend in perfectly with your room interior. Don't let the loud noise of fan disturb your important conversations.

This fan has a wing span of 1200MM/ 48 Inches which is the standard size in 90% of Indian homes and offices, commonly used in drawing room, living room with tight spaces & Study room. It has the performance like that of a normal high-speed fan. Gorilla has an impressive air delivery of 230 CMM and RPM of 380 at the highest speed.

The convenience of a smart remote will assure that your guest will never leave without getting impressed. The same remote will ensure that you get a cozy sleep at night. Features like timer mode and Sleep Mode are added comforts to use with your Air Conditioners. In case you live in a tropical place which is hot all the time be assured as Gorilla's Boost mode will always keep you cool.

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