Gorilla Ceiling Fan White 1400mm

Gorilla energy efficient ceiling fan-1400mm


The long wings of the 1400 mm fans will ensure you get air in all the corners of your large room. It can be used for a room of up to 15 X 15 fts.

This fan has a wing span of 1400MM/ 56 Inches and comes with a smart remote. This fan is mostly used in large rooms, community halls & institutional classrooms. It offers the best Air delivery on the chart, 270 CMM when it rotates at 280 RPM. It will ensure perfect air circulation in your room. It consumes just 35 watts at full speed.

The all aluminum body and remote function is an eye catcher. No doubt Gorilla’s E1-1400 is the best fan on the options list and will be the perfect match for your large space.

SKU: Gorilla Ceiling Fan E1-1400