Atomberg Technology, manufacturer of the Gorilla Fans. Starting off as a modern hardware company by freshly graduates from IITB to being one of the supporters and contributors for #GreenBuildings programme by GRIHA Council, we are making our visions come true.

Gorilla Fan, our first consumer segment appliance is making it big with just using a little of what it takes to run other big branded ceiling fans i.e. 28Watts. It is a low wattage ceiling fan till date.

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With having a wide network of distributors all over major places in India like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Pune & Delhi; we also happened to be #FoundOnAmazon. Gorilla fan is now on Amazon.In, under Prime category. Amazon.In Prime is fulfilled by Amazon and has the fastest delivery for FREE.

The Gorilla Fan is available on Amazon.In Prime since 4th April 2016 with a 4-star rating review by consumers.

Gorilla fan comes in 3 different colors; White, Ivory, Brown. A smart remote comes along with the fan. It works as a regulator and has SLEEP & TIMER mode that helps you regulate the speed of the fan after set hours but here’s the catch SLEEP mode gradually reduces the fan speed after set hours even when you’re sleeping.

India’s most efficient ceiling fan is #FoundOnAmazon, India’s trusted online shopping website.

Besides going green at home and work, making use of green technologies in #schools and educational trusts is a big step towards energy conservation in #India. And there are many schools in India who have already started participating in the transformation.

Here are some of the schools which are going green:

  • Druk White Lotus School, Ladakh
  • The Druk White Lotus school in Ladakh, near Kashmir, uses solar energy for electricity and water pumping. It’s great to see this school in Ladakh take such initiatives to conserve energy and keep Ladakh from getting polluted. We all know that Ladakh is one of the prettiest places in India and we wouldn’t want to lose it to pollution.

  • Amulakh Amichand High School, Wadala, Mumbai
  • The Amuakh Amichand High School houses solar panels on the school rooftop which was set up in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Nuemberg, Germany. Their switch to #EnergyEfficient appliances has reduced their electricity bills by INR 20,000-30,000. As of now, more than fifty classrooms in this school are completely powered by solar panels.

  • Cauvery Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
  • The Cauvery Matriculation Higher Secondary School has distributed about seventy solar lamps to the Class X and XII students so that they don’t have to suffer in their exams due to power cuts. The solar lamps are supposed to be returned after the board exams so the next batch can use it.

  • Patashaala, in the outskirts of Chennai
  • This school has dry composting toilets for the students, the staff and the visitors. We are very thrilled to see such schools from remote places participating in the Swatcha Bharat Abhyaan.

  • AmanSetu School in Pune, Maharashtra
  • The building of the Aman Setu School is made from near-by recycled materials. Toxic paints and substances were avoided in the construction of this school. Such buildings are known as #GreenBuildings and a lot of new constructions are being carried out keeping the ecosystem in mind.

  • Group Phi, Pune, Maharashtra
  • This is India’s first military school for girls and it has a gray water recycling system to reuse waste water. They also have courtyards covered with polycarbonate sheets which protect the corridors from rains.

Save 65% Of Your Bill!
Buy #GorillaFan
Get Free Installation*


Another way by which the schools can conserve #energy is by installing Low Wattage Gorilla Fans that use BLDC technology to save energy and money.