It is the generation of smart lighting that plays according to your mood. Lights are perfect to give your home an ambiance as per your command be it a house party with friends or an intimate evening with the special one. Hence, find out those perfect bulbs that are created for your convenience to elicit wide emotions with the set of lightning.

1) Date Night: Make sure you have the warm and soft lights for the evening. Put off the lights on upper walls and turn on the lights behind the couch or the ones on the sidelines, it will make the room dimmer. This will create a mystery in the air.

2) Entertaining Guests: Guests are always hard to please and also the ones we cannot ignore. Generally the living room of the house is used for entertaining guests. Make sure the entrance of house is not too bright in the evenings that would contrast and startle the guests. Similarly in the morning, the entrance or the living room isn’t too dark for guests.

3) Sleepover nights: Sleepovers generally include binge on movies and snacks all night. It would be a harsh transition to come to bright kitchen from the dark bedroom. Also the bright lights would wake up everyone at home, the ones who are not invited for sleepovers. Hence, it would be wise to have motion detectors all the way from bedroom to kitchen that would go off once you cross the pathway.

4) House Party: Everyone is in party mode and you need to make sure they stay the same all time. Brighter lights will keep everyone in a cheerful mood and encourage participation. Along with that bulbs with texture that display a reflection at ceilings and walls. Warm colors like red and orange spread cheer around just make sure it’s not overdone.

People are attracted to illuminated lights. So make sure you use to better lightning to keep yourself happy as well as your guests.

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Atomberg Technology recently launched Gorilla Fans with Smart remote control with features like Timer and Sleep mode. TIMER features allows you to auto switch off the fan without you letting get up. SLEEP mode reduces the speed after set hours and saves energy.

Remember how our mothers are always in a dilemma about what to prepare for dinner every evening? What if in the future we have our fridge and oven to decide that too?
Coming future, our refrigerator will have sensory features to alert us when we run out of milk products or any other for that matter by updating the shopping list on your Smartphone. These sensors will also make sure that you never miss out on throwing out the bad products that “goes bad”.

Samsung Electronics launched a Family Hub fridge that tells you what’s inside it while simultaneously connecting family members’ calendars so that you can decide what is supposed to be cooked according to everyone’s needs

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According to Natural Machines, a Barcelona based food agency, it would be Fitbit that would send dietary information to the appliances that can be connected to your printer as it would print out the following breakfast for next day.

Counting calorie pans
To the people who are health conscious, it gets difficult not to follow the rule guide of nutrition. Hence, now we get a pan that’s connected to the Smartphone which counts the actual amount of calories that the food adds up.

The Table For Living
This concept was designed for people to get more creative with food and throw away less. At the end of every cooked meal, we tend to have little stuff that is leftover. So for example, with the leftover tomato, it can be placed on the table, and a camera recognizes what it is and projects recipes, cooking instructions, and a timer directly onto the surface. You can set the timer for the recipe available and it will make sure it is completed within the available time.

The Mindful Sink
This concept makes sure that we be more conscious about wasting water. It’s a basin that that pivots to left and right. It manually sorts the waste water to drain. However it figures itself that some of it can be used for dishwashing and so it filters accordingly.

These future technologies for our kitchen will sure be a topic to talk about when we call upon the guests over a delicious meal.