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    I never realized that the normal ceiling fans in my house accounted for more than 20% of total electricity consumption. Once I switched to Gorilla, I could straightaway see the difference in my electricity bills. Replacing 4 ordinary ceiling fans with Gorilla resulted in a saving of more than Rs 400 per month for me. Loved the way Gorilla simplified my life!

    Subhash Chandra
    Marketing Manager
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    Since I come from a tier 2 city, load shedding used to be a major concern. And because of the high power consuming ordinary fans, my inverter battery used to completely drain out within 1 hour. But ever since I switched to Gorilla, my inverter battery has never drained out. True to its claim, Gorilla is indeed India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan.

    Bilal Abidi
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    I always had to get up to either reduce the speed of the fan. But Gorilla’s smart remote solved this problem for me. When I want the fan to switch off after 9 hours, I can use the timer mode. When I want the fan speed to reduce gradually throughout the night, I can use the sleep mode. I am thankful to Gorilla for making my life more comfortable.

    Manas Shinde
    SEO Expert

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