10 Ways To Save Energy At Home

Charity starts at home. If you want to help your city, your country and the world in fact, in the matters of energy conservation, you should start saving energy at home first.
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi
Here are the various ways in which you can do some #EnergySavings:

    • In winter, use thick heavy curtains to cover the windows and doors to keep the in-house temperature warm naturally instead of having to use electrical heaters.
    • Do not keep your laptops or computers on stand-by mode. Shut them instead.
    • Replace the #lights with low energy LED lights.
    • Use a microwave instead of an oven. They save up to 50% of the #energy.
    • Have an hour of darkness every day. Don’t use any form of energy for 60 minutes. Be it the electricity or the water supply, just give it a rest. You’ll be surprised by the amount of energy and money one can save in just an hour.
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  • Make sure all the leaking taps are fixed because gallons of water can be wasted drop by drop in about a month!
  • Carpool with your friends and family members if your destinations are close by. And some gossip on the go will harm nobody.
  • Use #EnergyEfficient home appliances such as the Low Wattage Atomberg Fan which save up to 65% of the electricity and money.
  • Use dishwashers on eco-mode instead of having a running tap to wash utensils every day. Dishwashers use less amount of water to clean a large amount of utensils in a short span of time.
  • Recycle batteries instead of buying new ones and throwing away the used ones.

10 ways to save energy at home
These small #changes in our daily habits will lead to a big one and will not only benefit our society but the whole world.

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