How to Cool a Room with Fan

Cooling a Room: A fan is essential for our house. The essentials in a house are many whiles, fan forms a necessary requirement. The cool breeze from a fan makes a person feel better and also there is freshness in and around the room. Ventilation is prime to keep the room airy and cool. When Read more »

Modern and Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Modern Fans: Modern fans are based on the systematic design module for modern culture. This brings us to a way of designing the fans in a modern way. The modern fan concept is made to be available as a wholesale market as it sees the growth of sales. This is a new way of coming Read more »

Tower Fan vs Normal Fan

  Tower Fan: The tower fans as we know are an updated version of a fan in general. As in the picture they are a tower like. Also, we follow some standards for size and shapes. Tower fans are been specially designed for interior design enthusiasts. The orientation of placing such a fan in the Read more »

Designer Ceiling Fan

Types of Designer Fans: Designs for fans are based on standards, these go well with the study required to emulate more brands. When seeing a designer fan we get to see that there is an understanding of the style. Also, the best in class designed designer fans standard, are brought together for different designs. The Read more »

Vintage Ceiling Fan and Antique Ceiling Fan

  Vintage Fan A fan is an appliance whose primary function is to circulate air in the room. A lot of people nowadays want an old wooden/ bronze finish to their newly constructed/ renovated houses. After spending a lot hard earned money on their home, people don’t want to compromise on any part of the Read more »

Ceiling Fan with Lights

                                                                  Understanding that when there is light, we are more close to relaxing and calmness. This is a usual phenomenon, with illuminating objects. Read more »