3 Materials Which Are Crucial In The Construction Of A Smart Building

A smart building is one which can be compared to the internet. They are efficiently connected to other buildings as well as their residents. They also use the latest technologies which are energy efficient. These features cannot be supported by building made of normal materials. For the construction of smart buildings, smart materials are required.

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Here are some of the materials without which a smart building cannot be constructed:

    • Smart concrete

Concrete, as we all know, is a basic building material. The main issue with concrete is that it starts to crumble when it stays in contact with water, wind and pressure. The only solution to this is replace or repair. Smart concrete heals its own crack in time. It contains dormant bacteria spores and calcium lactate in self-contained pods. When this concrete comes in contact with water, limestone is created which joins the cracks.

    • Shapeshifting metal

Shapeshifting metals change their shape temporarily when they go under pressure but they return to their original shape after a while. Shapeshifting metals are useful in the construction of bridges and buildings in earthquake and hurricane prone areas.

    • Self healing coatings

Self healing coatings, sealants and adhesives are most efficient on marine-based structures, ships and oil rigs. The coatings are made of polymers which react with one another on rupturing and end up in a self healing process.

The second step to conserve energy after the construction of a smart building is to use energy efficient appliances every day such as Atomberg’s Atomberg fan which saves up to 65 percent of the energy and money. There are many more power saving appliances which can help in energy conservation.

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