5 Cars That Don’t Pollute

Air pollution is a major matter of concern these days and the vehicles emit more greenhouse gases that most industries. The best way to get air pollution under control is by using eco-friendly vehicles.

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Here are some cars that are very #EnergyEfficient and eco-friendly:

    • Tata Nano CNG emax

This car is not only eco-friendly but also fuel-efficient. This car emits only 75 gm of carbon dioxide per kilometer. The best thing about #emax is that it only costs INR 2.52 lakh for the CX variant and INR 2.77 lakh for the LX version.

    • Chevrolet Aveo

Aveo is a family car which emits under 120g per kilometer of carbon dioxide. #Chevrolet Aveo, a #green car, is priced at 7 lakh.

    • Mahindra Reva

This is a two door hatchback electric car which is completely eco-friendly and costs about 4.5-5 lakh in India. Reva NXR can run for 200kms on a fully charged battery at a maximum speed of 130kmph.

    • Maruti Suzuki Eco Charge

Eco Charge has a #CNG variant that ensures that the car is polluting less. This is a seven seater car that costs about 4 lakh and can be completely charged in 7 hours only and can attain a maximum speed of 110kmph.

Tesla Motors is an American company that designs and produces electric cars. Their first car was a sports car.

Every small step towards #EnergyConservation is important. Our Atomberg fan uses #BLDC technology which saves energy and money!

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