5 Gadgets Controlled By Smartphones

Just a touch away from done!Convenience is one of the primary reasons behind most of the inventions, anything that makes our life easier or rather takes the labour away from a task is worth having (although makes us a wee bit lazy). One of the greatest examples is the wheel; it is one of our greatest inventions and has ‘literally’ taken us places.

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Check out these 5 gadgets that can be controlled just with a touch on your smartphone.

  1. Friedrich Smartphone Air Conditioner:
    Kühl Smartphone-controlled air conditioner makes you life a little less hectic. Adjusting the settings while you lay on the couch is very comforting, moreover since you can schedule the temperature as per your convenience; it takes care of the electricity bills and also saves energy.Along similar lines there are ceiling fans available that can be controlled by a remote control. Check out Atomberg Fan that saves you 65% on your electricity bills.
  2. Samsung Smart Care Washers and Dryers:
    This particular appliance is on every home maker’s wish list, and for practical reasons. It can be controlled through an app on your Smartphone; moreover the LCD touchscreen on the appliance sends notifications to your smartphone thus letting you know exactly when the laundry is done. So you don’t have to keep a constant check, allowing you to use your time efficiently.
  3. Android Oven:
    The Samsung android oven is another such amazing appliance that works just fine. This oven can be connected to your smartphone and with a simple touch you can control the temperature and the cooking duration, and to top it all, it also tells you how much your food weighs and the amount of calories it has. And for all the things it can do it is quite surprisingly energy-efficient too.
  4. Pet feeder:
    A blessing for all the pet owners, you needn’t worry about your critter being fed anymore. With the pet feeder connected to your smartphone you can remotely feed or organise a schedule for feeding your pet, just ensure that the basin is filled and your smartphone charged.
  5. Lockitron:
    For all the forgetful ones this appliance will prevent you from cursing yourself every time you realise you haven’t locked your home door. You can now do that from anywhere in the world using your #smartphone and share the access with your family members. And what’s more, it even sends you notifications when your kids get home.

It’s a tempting list and there’s no denying you want at least one of the above appliances, if not all.

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