5 Star ceiling fan

To educate people about the need to reduce power consumption and help people make a wise decision, BEE has introduced a system of star rating. Star ratings essentially indicate the degree of efficiency of an appliance. According to these ratings, a 5 star rating would mean the most energy efficient; where as a 1 star rating would be the least efficient. For some equipment like Air Conditioners, BEE is making star rating mandatory. Going forward, there is a very strong chance that all equipments will need a mandatory 5 star rating.

People usually don’t change fans for years and as a result keep taking the extra hit on the pockets for years. A 20 year old fan can take up to 175-200W power which is almost equivalent to that of a small sized refrigerator. In case of fans, the rating is calculated by service value.

What is service Value?

Service Value is calculated by dividing the air delivery( in cubic metre/minute) by power consumption.

For example- If a fan gives air delivery of 220 CMM and consumes 50 Watts, the service value will be:

= 220/50


Any fan with a service value greater than 4 is given a 5 star rating as per current standards.


Difference between ordinary fans and 5 star fans:

The main differences in a regular induction based ceiling fan and a normal 5 star fan are listed below:

  1. The power factor of the motor is increased. Power factor is basically the ratio of the actual power that comes through your AC power to the real time power in the circuit. Lower power factor is a result of use of cheaper grades of raw material. So, essentially in a 5 Star fan the quality of material like copper windings/ grade of stator is better than a regular 70-80W ceiling fan.
  2. Reduced air gap between stator and rotor. This results in better induction effect which reduces the heat losses and increases the efficiency of the motor.

These changes bring down the power consumption from 75-80 Watts to 50-55 Watts, which makes these fans 5 star rated


EESL’s Initiative

BEE and EESL have been waging a war for the last few years to bring down the power consumption. And till date, the results have been impressive ( at least as per their claims). After a mass initiative by BEE to reduce power consumption by changing old bulbs/ tube lights with energy efficient LED bulbs/ tube lights which have said to reduce 21,500 MW( savings of Rs 45000 crores),  EESL has now started mass distribution of Energy Efficient BEE certified 5 Star fans.( 50-55 watt fans) at a subsidised rate.


Downside to 5 star Fans

But there is a down side ( out link to our previous blog comparing EESL 5 star fans with Atomberg) to these 5 star rated fans. The air delivery and RPM in these fans is compromised on. A lot of competitors have reduced the speed of the fan to reduce the power consumption which is not the right way to go about saving energy in a hot country like India. Compromising on quality and output parameters to bring in energy efficiency is definitely not advisable.

Other Superior Alternative- BLDC Fans

But there is a superior alternative already available in the Indian market. The technology is called BLDC technology. BLDC fans have in introduced in India in the last few years, but people are still not really aware about this technology. BLDC stands for brushless DC technology.

BLDC fans deliver the same output air delivery as a 75-80W fan, but consume almost 65% less power. Atomberg fans manufactured by Atomberg Technologies consume only 28W at maximum speed while deliver the same output parameters.

Other advantages of Super Energy Efficient BLDC fans are that these fans can run up to 3 times longer on inverter battery and can run on the same speed across wide voltage range (110V-285V). Few BLDC fans come with smart remote with convenience features like breeze mode, timer mode, boost mode & sleep mode which can add up to the wow factor.

So whenever you go next to purchase a new fan for your place make sure you just don’t ask for a 5 Star fan but you ask for a BLDC 5 Star fan, preferably a Atomberg.

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