5 Things Your Electricity Provider Doesn’t Want You To Know

Every month you worry about all the bills that are to be paid and keep wondering when the bills will be dropped off in the letter box. Amongst all these bills you worry about one in particular, that being your electricity bill. You have to pay more than you did the previous month, you keep polishing the memory of your consumption of electricity.

Yes you do forget to turn the lights off sometimes but is it always the same reason in paying twice the amount as you paid previously? No! there has been a lot of stuff hidden from you by your provider.

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    • Increased per unit rates

On an average a household uses 300 units to 400 units, comparatively the rates have been hiked up to 19-23% (Rs. 200/- to Rs. 395/-). These changes were in action from June 1st, 2016. These changes were made due to the competition between the great providers Tata Power, Reliance Energy & MSEB (Maharashtra State Electricity Board). Somewhere fighting to create monopoly for the electricity provider, they kept on increasing the charges and fluctuating it according to per 100 units every year making it hard for the common man.

    • Extra wheeling charges by Cable providers

RInfra Cable, being the lead cable provider for Tata Power & Reliance Energy charged 120% more on wheeling cost. RInfra states that the quality needs to be improvised to reduce the burning up of the towers. Previously the cables carrying out the supply charged Rs. 0.75/KWh to Rs. 1.23/KWh , now charges Rs. 1.24/KWh to Rs. 2.73/KWh. Providers do state that the households consuming less than or up to 300 units would be paying as they did before.

    • Poor wirings

Wiremen or Meter-men, usually look after the wiring of the location. Some areas have older buildings that have been geared up with same wires for years. Old wires can sometimes cause to affect the meter readings, these wires are usually and mainly provided by the associated wiring provider. So, if your reading with a brand new says that you’ve used up to 300 units, the old and weathered wiring will show the reading up to 500 units due to overheating.

    • Old meter Systems

Similar to wire supply, Meters are fixed up with the agreement of the electricity provider. Meter-men are the ones who takes care of it. They have to provide a meter and record the readings per month, but due to the lack of attention to the meters and their running abilities, the readings are fluctuated. Hence, explains why the bill amounts fluctuates from high to low and vice versa.

    • Meter-men Commissioned by the Provider

The meter-men appointed by the provider company, have been paid with a 10% hike in salary since the new rates have been applied in 2013. Although the increase in salary haven’t made them work as efficiently as they were supposed to. Regular check-ups of the meters, wiring, coordinating with the house owners and earthing issues have been ignored stirring things in a bad way.

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