7 Reasons For Technological Challenges Faced By India

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You’re watching Game of Thrones and suddenly a major twist takes place within the episode and the T.V screen goes black and then you realize it’s not just the T.V screen that has gone black but your room itself has turned into a small black hole. In this little black hole you are the only thing that is glowing because you are burning up with fury, as you missed the episode of your favorite T.V series; and you can’t do anything, because you stay in suburbs and your house is bound to suffer from load shading.

Power Cuts and Load Shading: Power cuts are normal for people living in rural areas and suburbs and the main cause of these frequent #powercuts is load shading, as certain parts of the country or city are using more of electricity and which is the major reason of #loadshading.

Resource Management: Indian government needs to learn the technique of managing resources, because we have advancement in technology but we don’t have access to it due unavailability of resources. Unavailability of resources is a fundamental government excuse for concealing their inefficiency in managing resources. Therefore we need efficiency in resource management to solve this problem.

Corruption: This is one of the major problems that are still prevalent in our country. Honesty is the best policy, but this policy is not considered best by the government officials of India. A sizeable amount of money is allotted for technological development by government of India, but this money is consumed by these official monsters who are working to help government to facilitate better technological development.

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Imitation Game: Indian government thinks that the best way to develop our economy is to imitate American economy which is capitalist in nature, and capitalist economy is #ruthless and profit-oriented, and this profit is only oriented towards the rich and the powerful who rule the social pyramid of India; and enjoy all the technological benefits to the fullest. So our government should immediately stop this imitation game policy.

Dissolve the Disparity: India has this huge #disparity on the basis of monetary possession; the rich people have the power to change things and turn everything in their favor, for their benefits. But the poor or the people belonging in the middle or lower strata of social pyramid are denied of many benefits that are meant for them. This unequal distribution of resources and benefits is one of the reasons that our country is facing technological challenge in spite of introduction to new and advanced technology. So our government should try to dissolve this disparity.

Less utilization of Renewable Resources: We generally go on complaining about the heat of the sun, but we don’t use this heat as the solution to our problem of unavailability of resources. We have exploited our energy resources to the extent that they are on the verge of exhaustion. Therefore more techniques should be developed to utilize solar energy.

Illiteracy: Our country is still struggling to achieve 100% literacy rate, to understand technology and to get the exposed to it, we need to educate people; and we live in country wherein people are denied access to education. So for them, getting exposure and access to new technology is quiet difficult.

We don’t save power: We should learn to #savepower which we tend to forget in our busy schedule, power saving habits should be inculcated in youngsters by their parents in order to save energy; this saving will be used by someone from rural areas to enjoy the #technologicalbenefit that introduced in our country.

Hence, this technological challenge or problem can be solved by inculcation of power saving habits and efficiency in governance and resource management by government.

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