8 Energy Conservation Hacks

Energy conservation is a very sensitive topic at the moment. If we keep on using up the non-renewable resources of energy at the current rate, we will soon exhaust it all. This is why we need to get off our butts and save energy.

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Here are some of the hacks by which you can save energy:

  • Running your air conditioning at 24 degree celsius saves about 6% of the energy and money which is definitely a better option if you keep it on for long hours.
  • Having pretty plants in the house is not just for decoration. When placed strategically, they can help in saving up to INR 600 bucks yearly.
  • On an average, 20 percent of the heated or cooled air escapes through the home duct system.
  • Keeping lamps or TV sets near the air conditioner causes the conditioner to use more energy than usual. Keeping them at a distant from the A.C is a better option.
  • Use low wattage Atomberg fans to save up to 65 percent of the energy and money.
  • Use microwaves and toasters instead of ovens to conserve energy and save money.
  • Unplug and shut down your laptops and PCs instead of leaving them on a standby mode. Believe it or not, a lot of power is consumed when appliances are plugged in for no reason.
  • Heating water at home using geysers and electric rods consume a lot of power. Keeping them on the warm setting and low temperature saves some amount of energy.

These miniature steps to save energy will make a big difference altogether.

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