About Atomberg Technology - BLDC Fan Manufacturers in India

 About Atomberg

In today’s world of household appliances, there is a massive gap. On one hand, we have appliances which have standard features but consuming a lot of electricity in the process. On the other hand, there are energy efficient appliances which simply cannot compete with others based on parameters like design, looks, price etc. We, at Atomberg Technology, are here to change this once and for all.

In a country where 24*7 access to electricity is still a luxury, we believe that there is no place in the market for appliances that consume unnecessary electricity. But, at the same time, what is equally important is to bring in hitherto unheard levels of comfort to the lives of the consumer by coming up with intelligent, smart and connected appliances. Combining the attributes of energy efficiency and emerging trends like IOT, we come up with products which are the best in the world in each and every parameter.

With a strong core team of IIT-IIM alumni in place, a state of the art R&D facility, and backing from our investors, we believe that we will definitely be able to achieve our dream of creating revolutionary products that while solving India’s energy crisis, will also give Indian customers a completely new level of comfort and making their lives easier.

As an organization, we are obsessed with creating value for our customers. Along with customer obsession, we also strive for excellence in every small thing we do, which ultimately helps us in creating the game-changing products we always aspire for.

Keeping in line with our vision and values, we have developed India’s most energy efficient fan, Gorilla. And not being the ones to rest on our laurels, we have already started working on creating connected and intelligent devices. Keep watching this space for more details.



Took the first step towards consumer segment by introducing India’s most energy-efficient ceiling fan.



Prestigious Aarti group backed us.



15th Feb, 2015

Realising that time and energy are the most valuable assets; R&D team started working on smart and energy efficient appliances.


1 Step Ahead

June, 2014

Remote vehicle tracking system is launched.



2013 - Today

Worked with some of the most prestigious institutions, helping them with technologically advanced solutions.


First Step

June, 2013

First indigenous Data acquisition system introduced.



17th April, 2012

Atomberg was founded with a dream by a group of fresh graduates from IIT Bombay.