About Atomberg

In a tropical country like India, fans have been the greatest source of comfort during harsh summers. Ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, and wall mounted fans are the most commonly used fans in India, and are an integral part of a typical Indian household. Imagine the amount of electricity these fans consume.

With an aim to reduce power consumption and contribute towards a better environment, Atomberg Technologies stepped into the industry in 2015 with our very first product, the Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan. Our fans endowed with a revolutionary technology were an instant hit, and ever since, we’ve only paved the way for products that are not just energy efficient, but also rich in advanced features. Over the last 4 years, we have launched multiple range of fans and each of them have been given a big thumbs up by the Indian consumer

Our fans are crafted to perfection to optimize your comfort and have a very stylish design that enhances the elegance quotient of your home. The powerful and energy-efficient Brushless DC motor (BLDC) allows you to save up to 65% on your electricity bills. BLDC makes our fans stand a class apart from other brands in the market, most of which use induction motors. To give you an idea, where other fans consume around 75 Watt at full speed, Atomberg Fans consume just 28 Watt.

We never compromise on the quality of our products and manufacture them by using only superior grade raw materials. Each product comes with a three-year warranty to enrich your consumer experience.

While 1200mm is the most common blade size of fans in India, Atomberg fans come with varied blade sizes such as 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, and 1400mm. Our fans have unique blade designs coupled with energy efficient BLDC motors to provide excellent high-speed airflow.

Pedestal fans from the house of Atomberg offers an ideal solution for staying cool in the hot and humid summer months. They are convenient and can be used both indoor and outdoor, providing blast of air and help cooling down every nook of your rooms areas where airflow cannot be easily accessed. As compared to other fan types, Atomberg pedestal fans come equipped with an adjustable height. The oscillating movement of Atomberg pedestal fan allows it to cover wider area, while meeting specific cooling needs.

Atomberg Wall mounted fans offer great air circulation in areas with limited floor space. Our fans are ergonomically designed to offer utmost flexibility to direct the airflow towards any direction of your choice. This oscillating feature helps circulating air over a widespread area.

Atomberg fans come with a smart remote control and advanced features such as timer mode, sleep mode, and boost mode, to name a few.

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