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Highest speed performance


Decrease the fan speed by 1 notch every 2 hours

UP TO 20 FT.

Operable distance using remote
3 years of extented warranty
Highest rating and reviews
Over one million users
An IIT Bombay Alumini Venture

Our Customers say it better than us

The Atomberg fans in real spaces


Technical Specification

Sweep Size 900/36 1050/42 1200/48 1400/56
WATTAGE 28 32 28 35
AIR DELIVERY(CMM) 157 210 230 270
RPM 470 430 380 275
WARRANTY 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
SERVICE VALUE 5.6 6.6 8.2 7.8
FREQUENCY(HZ) 48-52 48-52 48-52 48-52
POWER FACTOR 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99
NO. OF BLADES 3 3 3 3
BEARING(DOUBLE) Deep Groove Double sided Steel shielding
Remote Control Speed Control, Boost Mode, Timer & Sleep Mode


All Atomberg wall fans come with a 2 Years on-site warranty. To avail the warranty customer needs to contact the customer care centre on 84484 49442 or send an email on [email protected].

Under following circumstances warranty claim will be considered invalid:

  • Damages from improper installation, neglect, accident, misuse, natural disaster, exposure to extremes of heat or humidity, or as a result of any modification to the original product or not operating as per Atomberg’s guidelines
  • Causes beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of god or while in transit to service centre.
  • Warranty does not cover changes in the finish, including rusting, pitting, corroding, tarnishing, or peeling.
  • Warranty card or the proof of purchase is not provided at the time of service or have been altered in any way or made illegible
  • The warranty is not applicable for the accessories or peripherals like shaft, canopy, hook assembly kit, fan leaf and remote control
  • The warranty does not cover product parts that are subject to wear or which can be considered as consumable parts (example: batteries, etc.) by their nature or are made of plastic
  • In case of online order , damages in transit including blade bend, colour issues & other ornamental concerns will be covered only up to 20 days from the date of shipment

In case of any warranty issues customer needs customer care centre on 84484 49442 or send an email on [email protected]. As the warranty type is on site, in case of any issue in regions with available service centre a service engineer will be sent for the repair of the fan. The regions which do not have a service centre, the warranty will be covered by sending a replacement fan from the nearest service centre. The old fan will be collected at the time of delivery of new fan, all the cost of logistics will be paid by Atomberg.

Atomberg has more than 30 service centres across PAN India. More information about the cities where Atomberg service centres are available is given on the following Page:

Because of this innovative feature, the speed of the fan keeps on continuously decreasing by 1 step every 2 hours. This feature is best-suited for the regions where mornings are cooler than the nights or in case you use air conditioners during night time.

If you forget to switch off fans, this feature is for you. Simply set a timer for 1, 2, 3 or 6 hours, and the fan will switch off automatically after the pre-set time. This feature is suitable for schools, offices, colleges and homes.

The expected life of Atomberg Fans is 15- 20 years, which is more than the rest of the brands.

Following parts are included in the box:

  • Shackle Kit
  • Warranty Kit
  • A 10 inch downrod
  • Canopies
  • User Manual
  • Remote

Yes Atomberg Fans are 5 Star rated. All fans manufactured are energy efficient fans which consume minimum power and give high output.

The power consumption of the Atomberg Fan varies with the speed at which it is set.

  • Speed 1 – 3 Watts
  • Speed 2 – 7 Watts
  • Speed 3 – 12 Watts
  • Speed 4 – 18 Watts
  • Speed 5 – 28 Watts
  • Boost Speed – 38 Watts

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current Motor. In this technology, the rotor windings are replaced with permanent magnets. These motors are used in electric vehicles and machine drives due to its efficiency & reliability.

The process of installation is like that of a Normal fan; the only precaution that one needs to take care of is that the regulator should be bypassed. Please refer to the following link to understand the step by step process to install the fan.

Yes. All Atomberg fans can be operated with 1 remote if the Models are the same.

In case the remote is lost, you can buy from the accessories section in website. Link is given below:


This Warranty is provided by Atomberg Technologies Pvt Ltd and covers the motor and other components of your Atomberg ceiling fan against all defects in workmanship & materials. Costs incurred in removal or re-installation of the product is borne by the customer. You must be the original purchaser or user of the Product to be covered. This warranty only applies to Atomberg ceiling fans, and is limited solely to products purchased directly from:

  • Atomberg’s website
  • Third party website (only if seller is Atomberg or the third party itself) like Amazon or Flipkart
  • Atomberg’s authorized partners.
  • Directly from Atomberg

You can save upto ₹ 10,000/ Year by switching Atomberg Ceiling Fan for a conventional ceiling fan

The technology for this product was developed in India by Atomberg. Just like all our fans, this product was innovated in India for Indians. For bringing the product faster to market, we worked with partners in China to get it manufactured. We are working on building a facility that will help us manufacture the same product in India.

The wattage & output parameters of Atomberg ceiling fans are tested in CPRI Banglore, which is NABL accredited lab. The wattage is certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

If the Remote is Damaged, lost or you simply want to use the Atomberg Special Toggle Feature.

To control this you simply have to go to the main power switch of your Atomberg Fan and Toggle It. Toggling means to repeatedly but gently press the switch button (On & off the switch) n+1 number of times to reach the desired speed.

Example:- If you need your Atomberg fan to run on Speed 3 then you have to toggle (On & Off the main power switch) the switch 4 times to reach to the desired speed of 3.

Boost mode enables the highest speed of the fan, that is when you click the Boost option fan will then run on Speed 6 with Power consumption 38 W.




30954 Reviews

Updated on monthly basis

I heard a lot about BLDC fans from social media, and finally decided to test one before replacing all my old, energy-starved ceiling fans. My hands-on experience with Atomberg fans was excellent. The fan gives more breeze than a normal ceiling fan.

Its silent operation and energy-efficient construction attracted me very much. The speed regulation can be done with the remote control, and hence, no fan regulator is needed. There is no separate fan bed switch needed either. I didn't have a single unsatisfactory experience with this product.

Excellent BLDC Fan

23 January 2019

Really impressed by its performance. It actually gives more cool air than the normal fan I had previously installed, at the same speed settings. Maybe that's because it's almost winter now. The real test will be in summer when there are power cuts every day and the room temperature hits 35 degrees.

To top it all off, this fan saves inverter battery power if you live in an area where there are regular blackouts by power companies. The main reason I bought this is because my power company was hiking their already high electricity rates even higher. Replacing my normal fan with this one will drop the monthly units consumed by quite a bit. I should've bought this a year ago.

Really good performance while saving electricity

19 September 2018

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