Atomberg Hosts #SuperDuperCoolContest

On 2nd of July, Atomberg Technologies hosted a contest for the lively Twitterati. The #SuperDuperCoolContest had a major response from various parts of the country. Reaching a milestone of interacting with over 10 mil users in a day surely made things much more interesting.Twitterati fairly enjoyed the contest as it was a Q&A interaction. A total of 15 questions were asked to the contestants. Quickest, interactive and consistent users will make it till the end of the contest to claim he promised prize was the only rule.

The questions were simple AND informative. As well as clues were provided to the participants. The clues were on our page where a lot of informative content about energy efficiency and being eco-friendly is available. You can check out our other stuff.

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Users had to go through the provided content and find the apt answer to the asked question quickly.

@kora_kagaj (Javed), @SadhnaS73263646 (Sadhna Singh), @siddharthsoni (Siddharth Soni), and @tania_shakalaka (Misty) were declared as the contest winners and they’ve picked out from different corners of India. Even though all of the participants were trying their best, these 4 managed to stand out! Go #TeamInternet .

The sole purpose of the contest was to create awareness about being energy efficient and to save electricity. It was a fun way to make people realize that even conserving energy can be super cool without having to opt the non-appealing ways. Our 4 winners, as their winning prize gets Atomberg Fan, our first product under consumer segment appliances is India’s most efficient ceiling fan.

Atomberg uses super-efficient BLDC motor technology, which doesn’t heat up even after running for hours. Also, it helps in saving up to 65% on electricity bills* with using just 28Watts. 75% less compared to the other leading brands. The smart remote comes with two super features; SLEEP & TIMER mode that helps reduce the speed of the fan while you’re asleep and shuts the fan off completely after set hours, respectively.

Our winners are surely being energy efficient with their new prize but you can also make your contribution to conserve energy by buying the fan here.

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