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Atomberg Technology was established in 2012 by a group of fresh graduates from IIT Bombay with a vision to serve India with reliable and sustainable energy resources. In a country like ours were access to electricity is still an issue, they believed to launch a product that consumed less electricity. And so they did. It is called Atomberg Fans.
Less Consumption of electricity:
Atomberg fans just consume 28 watts even at the highest speed, making it India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan. Each of the fans results in saving of Rs 1000-Rs 1500 per year. The figure might vary according to the usage and electricity rates.

Save 65% Of Your Bill!
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Atomberg fans don’t heat up even after running on a loop for a long time. This makes sure they have a long life and hence they are more durable. The added feature for Atomberg fans is that it doesn’t make the irritating humming noise. They also come up with 3 years of warranty period.

It has got its own Remote:
Yes, it’s a fan with a remote that has all the controls in your hand. You can regulate the speed according to your use with the remote. It has got a TIMER FEATURE that can be put on auto mode at your ease reliving you from getting up.

It has got a SLEEP MODE that would reduce its speed automatically after provided set hours.

They are available in three colors i.e. White, Ivory and Brown.

Using Atomberg fans helps save you up to 65% of your electricity bills. This definitely varies on the consumption factors but it guarantees savings.

Hence, get smarter and switch to Atomberg fans for a blissful experience and better economical factors.

We also have few testimonials from our happy customers. Check them out here.

You can buy them here.


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