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First things first, because of the technology (BLDC), the chances of this fan going wrong is very less. Since there is no heating, the motor will definitely last at least 15-20 years with no wear and tear. But keeping in mind the remotest possibility of it going wrong, we got you covered with our 3 year on-site warranty.

Atomberg Service Network

Note: If we do not have a service center in your city yet, there is nothing to worry. Our network will expand to more than 200 cities within the next 1 year.

StateLocationASP firm name
Andhra PradeshVizag/VisakhapatnamMaintenance India
ChhattisgarhRaipurSolanki Services
GujratVadodaraOlampiya Rewinding Services
GujratSurat24*7 Solution
HaryanaHisarBharat Enterprises
JharkhandRanchiCare & Comfort
KarnatakaMangaloreMaintenance India
Madhya PradeshBhopalMaintenance India
MaharashtraNagpurCare Zone
MaharashtraNasikMaintenance India
MaharashtraMumbaiAtomberg Technologies
MaharashtraNavi MumbaiAtomberg Technologies
MaharashtraBhandaraCare Zone
MaharashtraGondiaCare Zone
MaharashtraAmravatiCare Zone
MaharashtraGadchiroliCare Zone
MaharashtraYavatmalCare Zone
OdishaBerhampurMaintenance India
OdishaBhubaneswarMaintenance India
BiharPATNAMaintenance India
PunjabLudhianaMaintenance India
RajasthanJaipurRRK A2K services Pvt Ltd
RajasthanBharatpurRRK A2K services Pvt Ltd
Tamil NaduCoimbatoreSubbu Service center
TelanganasecunderabadMaintenance India
TelanganaHyderabadMaintenance India
Uttar PradeshVaranasiAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshLucknowAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshMirzapurARNAV ENTERPRISES
Uttar PradeshKanpurappliances Care
Uttar PradeshAgraRRK A2K services Pvt Ltd
Uttar PradeshKaushambi districttejas services
Uttar PradeshChitrakoot districttejas services
Uttar PradeshBanda districttejas services
Uttar PradeshPratapgarh districttejas services
Uttar PradeshGreater NoidaBefikr
Uttar PradeshAjmerRRK A2K services Pvt Ltd
Uttar PradeshAllahabadtejas services
West BengalKOLKATAMaintenance India
Tamil NaduTiruppurIdeal Solar Solution
keralaThiruvananthapuramMaintenance India
MaharashtraChandrapurCare Zone
GujratJamnagarJalaram Consultants
Tamil NaduAurovilleM/s Easy Procurement Solutions
Uttar PradeshSitapur DistrictAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshLakhimpur districtAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshUnnao CityAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshSultanpurAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshJaunpurAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshAzamgarhAditya Enterprizes
Uttar PradeshJhansi cityappliances Care
MaharashtraBuldhana districtCare Zone
MaharashtraAkolaCare Zone
MaharashtraWardhaCare Zone
MaharashtraWaniCare Zone
MaharashtraAurangabadCare Zone
Uttar PradeshFaizabadAditya Enterprizes
MPINDOREAayushi Enterprises
MPDewasAayushi Enterprises
MPBagliAayushi Enterprises
MPHatpipliyaAayushi Enterprises
MPKannodAayushi Enterprises
MPKhategaonAayushi Enterprises
MPSatwasAayushi Enterprises
MPSonkatchAayushi Enterprises
MPTonk KhurdAayushi Enterprises
MPPiplrawaAayushi Enterprises
MPMaksiAayushi Enterprises
MPUjjainAayushi Enterprises
MPBadnagarAayushi Enterprises
MPMahidpurAayushi Enterprises
MPTaranaAayushi Enterprises
MPNagdaAayushi Enterprises
MPKhacharodAayushi Enterprises
MPGhatiyaAayushi Enterprises
MPKhandwaAayushi Enterprises
MPPunasaAayushi Enterprises
MPHarsudAayushi Enterprises
MPKhalwaAayushi Enterprises
MPPandhanaAayushi Enterprises
MPBurhanpurAayushi Enterprises
MPBarwaniAayushi Enterprises
MPPatiAayushi Enterprises
MPPansemalAayushi Enterprises
MPAnjadAayushi Enterprises
MPThikriAayushi Enterprises
MPRajpurAayushi Enterprises
MPNiwaliAayushi Enterprises
MPSendhwaAayushi Enterprises
MPWarlaAayushi Enterprises
MPKhetyaAayushi Enterprises
MPBadodAayushi Enterprises
MPAgarAayushi Enterprises
MPNalkhedaAayushi Enterprises
MPSusnerAayushi Enterprises
MPSoyat KalanAayushi Enterprises
MPMoman BadodiyaAayushi Enterprises
MPShajapurAayushi Enterprises
MPShujalpurAayushi Enterprises
MPKalapipalAayushi Enterprises
MPGulanaAayushi Enterprises
MPHandiyaAayushi Enterprises
MPHardaAayushi Enterprises
MPKhirkiyaAayushi Enterprises
MPRehatgaonAayushi Enterprises
MPSiraliAayushi Enterprises
MPTimarniAayushi Enterprises
MPNemawarAayushi Enterprises
West BengalHowrahMaintenance India
UPmathuraRRK A2K services Pvt Ltd
RajasthanJodhpurMaintenance India
UPMoradabadMaintenance India
Andhra PradeshnelloreKM Distributers
keralaThrissurEcowin Systems & Services Pvt Ltd
JharkhandDhanbadTechSquad Team UBN Group
JharkhandSijuaTechSquad Team UBN Group
JharkhandJamabodaTechSquad Team UBN Group
UPbareillyMaintenance India
KeralaCochin/kochiMaintenance India
HaryanaAmbala CityMaintenance India
TelanganaWarangalMaintenance India
MaharashtraVasai/VirarAtomberg Technologies
MaharashtraThaneAtomberg Technologies
GOASouth GoaMaintenance India
GOANorth GoaMaintenance India
JharkhandJamshedpurTechSquad Team UBN Group
JharkhandBokaroTechSquad Team UBN Group
JharkhandRanchiTechSquad Team UBN Group
JharkhandJhariaTechSquad Team UBN Group
Tamil NaduTrichyMaintenance India
TelanganaNizamabadMaintenance India
TelanganaKarimnagarMaintenance India
Andhra PradeshGunturMaintenance India
Madhya PradeshJabalpurMaintenance India
KeralaernakulamMaintenance India
TripuraAgartalaDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraAmarpurDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraBeloniaDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraDharmanagarDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraKailasaharDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraKamalpurDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraKhowaiDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraKumarghatDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraRanirbazarDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraSabroomDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraSonamuraDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraTeliamuraDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraUdaipurDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraBishalgarhDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraSantirbazarDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraAmbassaDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraJiraniaDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraMohanpurDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraMelagharDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
TripuraPanisagarDay Airconditioner Refrigarator Care (DARC)
GujratDwarkaJalaram Consultants
Andhra PradeshVijaywadaMaintenance India
MaharashtraBuldhana district Deulgaon RajaSagar Multiservices ChSagar Multiservices Chikhliikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district Dhamangaon BadheSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district Jalgaon JamodSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district JamodSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district KhamgaonSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district LonarSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district MalkapurSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district MehkarSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district NanduraSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district SangrampurSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district ShegaonSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district Sindkhed RajaSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district SonalaSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraBuldhana district ChickhaliSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraJalna District - JafrabadSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraJalna District - SillodSagar Multiservices Chikhli
MaharashtraJalna District - BhokardanSagar Multiservices Chikhli
GujratKutchMaintenance India
GujratBhujMaintenance India
MaharashtraKolhapur KarvirAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur HatkanangleAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur ShirolAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur KagalAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur PanhalaAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur GadhinglajAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur RadhanagariAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur ChandgadAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur ShahuwadiAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur BhudargadAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur AjraAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraKolhapur BavdaAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
KeralaShoranurEcowin Systems & Services Pvt Ltd
GujratBhavnagarMaintenance India
GujratAnantpurMaintenance India
BiharMuzaffarpurCare & Comfort
JharkhandGarhwaCare & Comfort
JharkhandPalamuCare & Comfort
JharkhandLatehar.Care & Comfort
JharkhandChatraCare & Comfort
JharkhandHazaribaghCare & Comfort
JharkhandKodermaCare & Comfort
JharkhandGiridihCare & Comfort
JharkhandRamgarhCare & Comfort
JharkhandLohardagaCare & Comfort
JharkhandGumlaCare & Comfort
JharkhandSimdegaCare & Comfort
JharkhandKhuntiCare & Comfort
JharkhandWest SingCare & Comfort
JharkhandSaraikelaCare & Comfort
JharkhandEast SingCare & Comfort
JharkhandJamtaraCare & Comfort
JharkhandDeogharCare & Comfort
JharkhandDumkaCare & Comfort
JharkhandPakurCare & Comfort
JharkhandGoddaCare & Comfort
JharkhandSahebganjCare & Comfort
MaharashtraSangliAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
MaharashtraSangli MirajAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
Tamil NaduSalemMaintenance India
KarnatakaShimoga ShivamoggaMaintenance India
RajasthanAlwarRRK A2K services Pvt Ltd
RajasthanHubliMaintenance India
AssamGuwahatiMaintenance India
Andhra PradeshAkkarampalleM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshAvilalaM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshCherlopalleM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshChittoorM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshMadanapalleM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshMangalamM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshMangasamudramM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshMurakambattuM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshNarayanavanamM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshPalamanerM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshPunganurM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshReniguntaM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshSrikalahastiM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshTiruchanurM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshTirumalaM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshTirupatiM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
Andhra PradeshKadapa DistrictM/S KMR MULTITECH PVT LTD
MaharashtraDhuleCare Zone
MaharashtraJalgaonShyam Electricals
Madhya PradeshChhindwaraCare Zone
Andhra PradeshrajahmundryMaintenance India
MaharashtraLaturCare Zone
MaharashtraNandurbarCare Zone
MaharashtraHingoliCare Zone
MaharashtraNandedCare Zone
MaharashtraAhmednagarCare Zone
MaharashtraBeedCare Zone
MaharashtraOsmanabadCare Zone
MaharashtraParbhaniCare Zone
MaharashtraWashimCare Zone
Tamil NaduVelloreMaintenance India
Tamil NaduBellaryMaintenance India
MaharashtraPanvelAtomberg Technologies
Andhra PradeshKurnoolMaintenance India
RajasthanBikanerMaintenance India
KarnatakaTumkurMaintenance India
GujratBharuchMaintenance India
PunjabChandigarhMaintenance India
KarnatakaKGFMaintenance India
KarnatakaDavangereMaintenance India
KarnatakaBelgaumMaintenance India
KarnatakaMysoreMaintenance India
KarnatakaRaichurMaintenance India
KeralaKannurMaintenance India
RajasthanJaisalmaerMaintenance India
KarnatakaVijaypurMaintenance India
KarnatakaBijapurMaintenance India
KeralaCheruvathurMaintenance India
KeralaKozhikode CalicutMaintenance India
KarnatakaSrikakulamMaintenance India
KarnatakaGulbargaMaintenance India
Tamil NaduThanjavurMaintenance India
Tamil NaduKarurMaintenance India
Tamil NaduPerambalurMaintenance India
Tamil NaduAriyalurMaintenance India
Tamil NaduPuthukkottaiMaintenance India
Tamil NaduThiruvarurMaintenance India
Tamil NaduNagapattinamMaintenance India
Tamil NaduKottaipattinamMaintenance India
MaharashtraMalegaonNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraNiphadNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraBaglanNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraSinnarNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraDindoriNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraNandgaonNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraYevlaNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraIgatpuriNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraChandvadNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraKalwanNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraSurganaNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraTrimbakeshwarNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraDeolaNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraPeintNirmal Electrical Skill Control Repair
MaharashtraIchalkaranjiAlteama Renewable Pvt Ltd
UPEtawahCare appliances
UPBadaunAditya entreprizes
UPGazipurCare appliances & Aditya Enterprises
UttarakhandDehradunMaintenance India
MaharashtraSataraMaintenance India
UttarakhandRaebareliAditya entreprizes
West BengalHooghlyMaintenance India
KeralaTrivedrumMaintenance India
KarnatakaBangaloreTechSquad Team UBN Group
KeralaAlathurJS Electricals
KeralaMannarkadJS Electricals
KeralaOttappalamJS Electricals
KeralaPalakkadJS Electricals
UPDelhiMaintenance India
UPGreater Noida - NoidaMaintenance India
UPGaziabadMaintenance India
UPFaridabadMaintenance India
MaharashtraPuneMaintenance India
MaharashtraKudalDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraSawantwadiDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraKankavliDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraDevgadDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraMalwanDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraVengurlaDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraDodamargDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraVaibhavvadiDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraSindhudurg districtDivyajyoti Electricals
MaharashtraRatnagiri districtMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraChiplunMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraSangameshwarMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraKhedMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraDapoliMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraRajapurMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraGuhagarMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraLanjaMahalaxmi Electricals
MaharashtraMandangadMahalaxmi Electricals
UPBalliaMaurya Electricals
Tamil NaduChennaiMaintenance India

How it works?

Availing service for your fan is easy; follow the steps below:

Step 1

Send a mail to or register your complaint by calling

Step 2

Atomberg’s service team will forward your query to the service partner in your location

Step 3

Once the complaint is registered, the service partner will attend and solve your problem within 72 hours.

Note: In case we do not have a service center at your location, a replacement fan will be sent from the nearest service center to your residence.

Purchased a fan? Register your warranty

In case you have purchased and looking to register your warranty, please click the button below.


  • I had booked, on line for a service for one of my Atomberg ceiljngs fans. The next day I received a call from Mr Satish to confirm the address. Very next day your technical representative Mr Nayan Sable visited. The necessary repairs and fitting were carried out satisfactorily, in less than an hour. I was impressed with Mr Nayan's accurate diagnosis, quiet and efficient working style and dedication. Overall, I feel that Atomberg's service was top class. Thanking you, Ajit Kurvey.

    Ajit Kurvey
  • Dear Mr. Satish, Thank you! Your person was kind enough to come here as I was in a hurry & repair my fan. I am overjoyed by the prompt & excellent service. Also. well spoken kindly person who visited. Cheers & keep up the great work! -satish

    Satish Lakshman
  • Dear Sir, Thanks a lot to Atomberg Service. I am really impressed with the after sales service undertaken by M/s Atomberg. The smart decision for shipping another motor for replacing the defective one within the shortest span of time is definitely commendable. It is also worth mentioning that the personilised service provided by Mr Satish Raj Purohit (as learnt from the email) is still of a very high order and I highly appreciate his endeavour in mitigating customer problems in such a cordial manner. Cheers and Five Star to M/s Atomberg. Regards, Biswananda Tripathy

    Biswananda Tripathy
  • Excellent customer sevice. Every review/comments were looked into by atomberg . Earlier I commented in "Amazone in market place" for a minor problem relating to fan's blade.Tic Tic Notice was coming from fan's blades. I never contacted to customer support of atomberg.I had just commented in review.Customer support team personally called me and promised me to replace the fan blades at an early date.I never has have any experience of customer supports where the company is ready to resolve customer problems by just going through review. Thanx to Atomberg for such an excellent survice. Every branded company should follow the after sales service policy provided by Atomberg. The fan is really nice and energy efficient.I have tested the power consumption at different speed.Speed-1 =6w speed.Speed- 2=8w speed.Speed-3=13w speed.Speed-4 = 20w speed.Speed- 5 = 29w Boost mode. = 33w I do not know the quality of electronic component used by the company for smps part. I have full faith that company had incorporated the quality electronic components like voltage regulator IC , Microcontroller(if any), capacitor etc. Being a startup company I am sure the success of the company. I am giving a suggestion to the company, if the fan's speed display either in remote or in the fan and a timer "ON" is provided it would have more attractive. Thanx again to Atomberg.

  • Hi, I would like to put on record that I was pretty impressed with after sales service. I was serviced by Mr Mayan Kable, who was pretty professional, and pleasant ,who handled the whole thing in just 30 minutes. Please do convey my sincere thanks to him. M. Shenoy

    Manohar Shenoy
  • Hi Satish, extremely happy with the promptness by which company has responded to the complaint. Your service person was very patient, efficient and quick in carrying out the work. Glad to say that your company's approach to customer complaint is truly commendable. All the best to Atomberg. Sincerely, Francis Joseph

    Francis Joseph
  • Dear Satish, I forgot to thank you for your immediate action. I had received the intimation of fan's arrival from courier guy way before your promise. I never expected such a nice response as I have had bitter experience from some other online seller in the recent past. I will recommend your products to others as both of your products' quality and after sale service is found unbeatable. Thanks again and good luck! Regards, Mohammad Tarique

    Mohammed Tarique