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Company named after an electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla, is an American automotive & energy Storage Company that designs, manufactures & sells electric cars, electric vehicles power trains components & battery products. Tesla’s strategy has been to evaluate typical technological product life cycles & initially enter the automotive market with an expensive, high-end, product targeted at affluent buyers. Along with the company, its products and consumer acceptance matured well enough and now it is moving into larger, more competitive markets at lower price points. The battery and electric drive train technology for each model would be developed and paid for through sales of the former models.

Atomberg Technologies, Indian company formed with a dream by a group of freshly graduates from IIT Bombay. The dream of creating revolutionary products while solving India’s energy crisis, also to give Indian customers a completely new level of comfort and making their lives easier.

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We are obsessed with creating value for our customers. Along with that we also want to excel in every small thing we undertake, ultimately helping us create game changing products we always aspire for.

Today’s world of smart appliances, we have a lot of appliances that has standard features, but are consuming a lot of electricity in the process. In order to provide a solution and a permanent fix we developed a complete game changer in category in the category of fans and have started working on creating connected and intelligent devises too.

Atomberg fan consumes 28 watts at the highest speed making it India’s most efficient fan. Using Brushless DC motor technology (BLDC motor), the fan brings down your electricity by 65% that is Rs 1000- Rs 1500 each year depending on the usage and electricity rates.

Using BLDC motor technology, makes the fan light weighted and hence in return provides highest service value (Air delivery/watt) without any humming noise, it also runs 3 times longer on inverter resulting longer battery life. The fan does not heat up even after long hours of run time and has a consistent performance even at low voltage and power fluctuation. All of this at 3 years of limited warranty.

Atomberg fan is controlled by a Smart Remote. You get to control the speed of the fan easily. The smart remote comes with TIMER and SLEEP mode. TIMER mode helps you switch off the fan after set hours (i.e. 3, 5, 6, 9 etc hours), Activating SLEEP mode reduces the speed of the fan gradually in the night time when you’re deep in sleep after set hours and saves energy.

Every fan is tested in extreme condition to bring out the best efficiency before delivering it.

We believe in innovation when everybody is benefitted by the product. To know how the change is helping others, click here.

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