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Freshly graduates from IITB started Atomberg Technologies – a modern hardware company with a sole dream in eradicating the gap between two aspects; energy efficient appliances and the profuse variety in appearance & style.

Appliances are very crucial when we think of decorating our homes and we often feel the need to set a theme and match everything accordingly. This ends up confusing the owners whether to buy an energy efficient appliance or to go for a stylish and matching the theme appliance. To clear the confusion we came up with our first appliance that is equally smart and stunning in looks.

Save 65% Of Your Bill!
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Gorilla Fan – checks every box when it comes to being efficient. It is smart, energy efficient, eco-friendly and yes has a longer lifetime than compared to other ceiling fans out there. Also it comes in different colors and looks very stunning. Each unit cost around Rs 3,500, but it is India’s most efficient ceiling fan. We used BLDC technology to increase its credibility. How?

Gorilla uses only 28 watts and runs on the highest speed even on the inverter, increasing its lifetime. So you end up saving a lot even when you use it a lot. The rates go down by 65% on your electricity bills depending on your usage. Gorilla comes with a smart remote that helps you control the fan without having to get those bulky regulators on the switch board. Smart remote comes with SLEEP and TIMER mode that regulates the speed after set hours, even when you sleep. You’re welcome.

We have developed a strong wide network of distributors over the major Indian locations in Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. Our production plant puts up in Mahape MIDC, Navi Mumbai with the manufacturing capacity of 10,000 units per month. Initially when we started we locked the orders for 3000 units and since then we have been getting a great feedbacks and demand for our first appliance in consumer segment.

Understanding the hassle of putting up a fan together and fixing it up can be stressful and you have to pay extra to the local electrician for that! So why not get a professional to do so and for free? Yes, we install gorilla for free. Following are the cities where the service is available; Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmadabad. We are trying to expand our reach with each day. Read more about what our customers have to say.

We are doing our part in conserving energy and help the ones who need it. There are over 4 million fans in India and the number goes up each year, if every single fan is replaced by Gorilla fan then the 22% of Indian population who still reside in dark habitat can be provided by electricity without increasing the production of it. Let’s be efficient, let’s be smart!

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