The most sustainable way to power your business

The biggest 21st-century business challenge? Balancing growth with sustainability.

Atomberg has a solution you can switch on.
A super-efficient BLDC motor that saves up to 65% more power, and a sizable amount in bills.
A smart fan which maintains consistent speeds despite low voltage conditions. A 100% pure copper motor that extends the fan’s life.

Sustainability can be as easy as switching on a fan.

Atomberg Energy Motor
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Meet India’s most energy-efficient motor

Why BLDC motor-powered Atomberg fans are the future

  1. Super efficient: consumes only 28W of energy, almost 1/3rd of an induction motor
  2. Runs 3 times longer on an inverter battery
  3. Noiseless operation
  4. Intelligent electronics & AtomSENSE algorithm
  5. Smart remote control
  6. No heating: ensures longer motor life
  7. Consistent output even with fluctuating input voltage

Highest Efficiency at every step

Atomberg fans are equipped with intelligent electronics programmed with the AtomSENSE algorithm.

This motor-tuning and calibration algorithm checks various motor parameters in real-time and controls the motor in a close loop, ensuring an efficient motor performance.

The algorithm is also incorporated with protection handlers that keep the motor safe from voltage surges, current surges in coil, peak power locking and coil heating.

Small in size,
big on innovations!

The compact size of our motor has created room for more innovations to be bundled together

  1. Constantly evolving motor designs to match a contemporary aesthetic.
  2. Longer blades guarantee better air delivery.
  3. Futuristic controls like voice command and app control for the ultimate smart fan experience.
  4. The luxury to be flexible with material selection, resulting in superior product design and finish.
Atomberg Energy Motor

Pick a business vertical, and we’ll tell you how Atomberg can help

Learning to save the planet begins with a fan switch

In the bustle between classes, fans are left running by students and faculty. Coupled with long working hours, this is the perfect breeding ground for high electricity bills to arise.

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Why not power learning with a fan that can teach you so much about sustainable design?

  • Atomberg fans maintain consistent speeds, even in low voltage conditions. Now, students are free to focus on comfort.
  • A 100% pure copper motor extends the fan’s life. Atomberg fans outlast induction motor fans even in the most difficult conditions. Now, budgets can be spent on learning tools instead of fan repairing and replacement.
  • A super-efficient BLDC motor uses 65% less power than induction motor fans. Now, lessons on sustainability are practiced in real life.
  • Enlighten young minds and leave the planet in a better condition for their generation

Here’s how we helped IIT Bombay save INR 51,000 per month.

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