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Your business strives to enhance the quality of life of your customers with eco-friendly measures. Atomberg Technologies is committed to the same goal as yours and our every product is a reflection of our aim to gift our next generations with the best environment to live in.

Gorilla fans by Atomberg come with an array of offerings which will help you upsurge your business, one of the most vital feature of which is saving up to 65%* on your energy consumption.

Product Highlights

  • Energy-efficient
    BLDC motor

  • Remote-controlled
    speed & sleep mode

  • Runs 3 times longer
    on an inverter

  • 3 years onsite warranty

  • No humming noise
    and heating

  • Save Rs.1500 yearly
    on each fan

Atomberg fans are tailor-made for every setting whether it is an industry with extreme conditions like a ceramic industry or a cold storage plant, or relatively normal conditions like a college or a hospital. And no matter what the setting is, Gorilla Fans deliver on their promise of saving more energy.


Choose your business vertical to see what Gorilla Fans can do for your business.

Educational Institute

Educational Institute

When you save up to 65% electricity, you not only save on expenses and contribute towards a better environment, you lead by an example as well. You inspire your students to follow your noble way and shape into better citizens.

  • Students/administrator often forget to switch off fans when students go for outdoor activities. With our sleep mode, you can set the timer and save a lot of electricity.
  • With the remote-controlled speed mode, it is convenient to adjust speeds.

“Satisfied with the performance of Gorilla Fans, we have given them one more order of 230 fans. In addition, even our faculty and staff members have chosen these fans for their personal use.”

M. Prabhakar- Head Admin
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad.

“The performance of Gorilla Fans has been satisfactory. The power consumption is as promised by the manufacturer. We plan to install more Gorilla Fans in the campus.”

B.K. Sahoo- Executive Engineer
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

“By switching to Gorilla Fans, I am saving Rs. 4,21,000 per year. I am very satisfied with the performance of these fans.”

Nitish B Shah
Mangaldeep Ceramics.

Embrace the technology of the future with Gorilla Fans

Every Goriila fan uses BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor. BLDC motor has no mechanical brush for commutation of the windings. Commutation is deployed with the help of smart electronics. As a result the fan runs internally at 24V and consumes just 28 W at full speed.

Key features of Gorilla's BLDC design:

  • Extremely low heat & associated power loss
  • Better flexibility over controlling motor speed
  • Smart motor tuning algorithm
  • No spark and minimal electrical noise
  • Sensorless design

The most powerful fans for businesses are the ones people already love to use.

Atomberg Gorilla Fans are the fans of choice in many households across India. Over 2 Lakh satisfied customers use our fans to not only achieve better air circulation but also reduce electricity costs. What are you waiting for? Choose Atomberg, choose the future.

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