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Educational Institute

Did you know?

Fans consume around 26% of the total energy!

A good institute just educates.
But the best one, demonstrates.

When you save up to 65% electricity, you not only save on expenses and contribute towards a better environment, you lead by an example as well. You inspire your students to follow your noble way and shape into better citizens.

A research on costs and benefit in schools highlights the fact that productivity of students can increase by 25% with the help of improved indoor air quality. Gorilla Fans do just that for you, along with great savings!

How Gorilla Fans is useful for you

  • Students/administrator often forget to switch off fans when students go for outdoor activities. With our sleep mode, you can set the timer and save a lot of electricity.
  • With the remote-controlled speed mode, it is convenient to adjust speeds
  • Get more air circulation at less cost
  • No humming noise means no disturbance for students and teachers

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Output :
After switching
to Gorilla Fans,
you will save
Rs. 13140 per year.

Did you know?

Fans Consume Around 26% Of
The Total Energy!