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Gorilla Energy Saving
5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan
With Remote Control & BLDC Motor - White

₹ 3,600.00
  • Save upto ₹ 7,500/* Year compared to Other Fan
  • BLDC motor with Improved Reliability & Longevity
  • Smart Remote with Boost, Sleep & Timer Mode
  • No humming sound and no heating
  • Superior Air Delivery
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range of 110-285V
  • 3 Years No questions asked Onsite Warranty
  • BEE 5 Star Rated with only 28W at highest speed

    Gorilla Ceiling Fan

    Premium Ceiling Fan


Blade Size

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Technical Specifications

Big or small room, Gorilla fans can cool every room. Now smart and energy efficient Gorilla fans are available in 4 sizes.

900MM 1050MM 1200MM 1400MM
SPAN(MM/INCH) 900/36 1050/42 1200/48 1400/56
WATTAGE(W) 28 32 28 35
AIR DELIVERY(CMM) 170 210 230 270
RPM 450 430 380 280
SERVICE VALUE 6.1 6.6 8.2 7.7
WARRANTY 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
FREQUENCY(HZ) 48-52 48-52 48-52 48-52
POWER FACTOR >.98 >.98 >.98 >.98
NO. OF BLADES 3 3 3 3
BEARING( DOUBLE) Deep Groove Double sided shielding
REMOTE CONTROL (12 KEYS) Speed Control, Boost Mode, Timer & Sleep Mode

Reviews & Testimonial

  • Very Impressive | 5 Stars to Atomberg Technologies

    Very impressive product by Atomberg technologies. Working as specified. This is my 2nd purchase of 1400 mm sweep fan. It looks my previous feedback points were taken care about the canopy which quality is now improved a lot & secondly those fan blade screws are now tightened with less torque and it's now easily removable.

    Regarding power consumption, at full speed, it takes 34 watts at 230 volts which I have checked with my true RMS digital multimeter.

    By Rajib R. on 25th May, 2017
    Verified Purchase

  • Worth every penny

    Really good fan. Comes with remote for easier speed change.You can also change the speed through fan switch but it is a bit inconvenient. Overall the fan is of very good quality, the speed of air is decent and it is worth the money, it is supposed to consume only 35W, so it is extremely efficient and performs better than most other fans.

    By Kedar Tamboli on 16th May,2017
    Verified Purchase

  • This is a genuine one

    Very good product to save electricity bills. Atomberg is giving very good support. Features are very simple and attractive.

    By Ashok Kumar K. on 5th June,2017
    Verified Purchase

Why Gorilla Fans are
in a league of their own

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Energy Saving

  • - India’s most energy efficient fans

  • - Up to 65% electricity saving potential

  • - Consume just 28W at full speed

  • - Save up to Rs. 7500 a year*
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Remote Control

  • - Easy speed control using smart remote

  • - Timer feature to auto switch-off the fan

  • - Sleep mode that reduces the speed after set
    hours & saves energy
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  • Highest Service Value (Air Deliver/Watt)

  • Run 3 times longer on inverter

  • No humming noise

  • No heating even after long hours of runtime resulting in extra long life

  • Consistent performance even at low voltage and power fluctuation
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Customer Service & Support

  • 3-years warranty

  • Nationwide service network

  • 24x7 helpline over email and phone
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Certifications & Ratings


Gorilla Fans vs Normal Fans

A comparison of how much you
save annually with gorilla fans

Gorilla Fan Normal fan
Wattage (W) 28 75
Hours of Usage 15 15
Days in Year 365 365
Electricity Rate 6 6
Units Consumed 154 411
Electricity Bill ₹920 ₹2464
Savings Per Year For 5 Fans ₹7500

*Usage will be for 5 fans, 365 days/year, 15 hours/day & Unit Rate ₹6/ Unit.

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BLDC Technology

The power behind the gorilla fans

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current and this technology
results in the Gorilla fans consuming just 28W even at full speed.

Key features :
  • No heat loss

    All heat losses and Eddy Current losses are eliminated due to the technology

  • Sensorless design

    Commutation is done by back EMF, thus making the design more reliable and increasing longevity

  • Proprietary smart motor tuning algorithm

    Use of Atomsense algorithm to tune the motor in real time for highest efficiency

  • Use of permanent magnets

    Permanent magnets are used in the rotor to drive superior performance

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Feature-Rich Remote Control


Timer Mode

Automatically stops after the programmed hour.
Use this feature when you don’t need the fan
after 1, 2, 3, 6 or 9 hours.


Sleep Mode

Fan’s speed keeps on reducing gradually
through the night, thereby, increasing your
comfort level and saving energy smartly.