Ceiling Fan Accessories & Parts

Parts & Accessories
Nowadays, ceiling fans come in so many styles and varieties. It is no longer a simple household appliance as it comes with accessories that enhance the decorative flair of the fan. These accessories are:

Light Kits, Downrods, Fan Replacement Blades, Mount Adapters, Pull Chain Ornaments, Pull Chains, Remote Controls and Wall Controls.

Fan Lighting
Ceiling fans can be customized as per your taste and requirements. Light kits in ceiling fans are provided to make the fan look more attractive and increase the style quotient of your room decor. And there is a wide variety of lighting options, from the soft radiance of traditional lighting to the sharp illumination of modern LED fixtures. Furthermore, these can be attached to decorative glass fitters, finials, and light plates. So, now you can transform a boring ceiling into a brilliant display of light.

A downrod is a metal pipe that connects the motor housing of the ceiling fan to the mounting hardware in order to stabilize the fan and reduce wobbling. It is sometimes required to achieve the correct distance between the fan blades to the ceiling. It positively affects the efficiency and amount of air it is capable of producing.

Today, you can choose from an array of stylish and elegant blades for your fan. They come in solid wood, polished brass, reversible, and handcrafted. It is so much easier to customize your fan to suit your taste. Also, in case your ceiling fan needs an upgrade, you can find a much inexpensive replacement for fan blades. And the best part is that you get to choose from a variety of styles and colors.

Angled Ceiling Adapters
Adapters are essentially required to hold the fan in place. It is installed onto the ceiling. Adapters come in varying shapes, angles, sizes, and colors. Whether the ceiling is sloped or angled, flat or between a stud or on one, you can always find an adapter for your requirement.

Pull chain ornaments
Make your pull chains much more elegant by using customized pull chain ornaments. These are available in many colors, materials, and shapes. If your pull chain is broken, there are many options to choose from to match your fan.

Remote Controls
Many high-end ceiling fans come with a remote control. This allows you to control the fan speed setting, lights (on/off and dim). There are remotes that come with even more advanced features such as a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature and that automatically adjusts the fan speed to reach that temperature; a reversible button to change the fan direction, and much more.

Wall Controls
With built-in wall controls, you don’t have to bother with your remote. These wall controls may either be simple with basic features or advanced setting for multiple tasks.

Different Parts Of A Fan And Their Uses
A ceiling fan has several components, each of which serves a particular function.

Motor – The kind of motor used in a ceiling fan determines its price and performance. They also determine the durability of fans. While small and inexpensive motors cause the fans to become wobbly and noisy with time, fans equipped with large and high-performance motors are much more durable and efficient.

Blades – The performance of the blades of a ceiling fan depends on their size, blade pitch, and number. Usually, longer blades produce more air circulation that smaller blades. But we must keep in mind the ‘drag’ factor, that is the resisting force that acts on the fan blades. Only a fan having a powerful and high performance motor can overcome this resistance. This entails that a fan with long blades can also lag in performance if it does not have a good quality motor.

Other parts of a ceiling fan include blade holders, switches, light kits, and controls.

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