Ceiling Fan Repair

Squeech, Kit Kit noises, burning smell, not turning on and blown up capacitor are common problems with traditional ceiling fans. Ceiling fan are an essential part of life in tropical country like India. A day without ceiling fan can be a tough job. Out of the 100 issues that might rise up there are few issues that can be fixed without the need to call an electrician for the job, as electricians are quite hard to find for simple fixes.

Please find below the issues that might come up in your ceiling fans and the process to repair it:

Squeech Noise/ Kit Kit Noise:

  • Squeech Noise

The noise is usually considered as a big issue but might not always be the case. At times maybe all your fan needs is some lubrication or gluing. In case of a shrill squeeching noise you can repair the fan by following the below steps:

  1. Make sure you disconnect the wires as shown in the picture.

  1. Remove all the fan housing screws:

  1. Open the fan, you might have to use your screw driver or tester to open it up:

  1. Once you open the fan clean the spring and the bearing with a sponge cloth:

5. Now apply grease to the bearing in such a way that the balls in inside the bearing are lubricated         well. Repeat the process on both the sides.

  1. Now put back the detached parts together.


  • Tik Tik Noise:


This noise is usually heard due to wear and tear of the rivets when the fans are used over a long period of time. The rivets become loose over a long period of time due to which the blades start to vibrate which causes the noise. Though there is no solution to this noise there is a way to minimize it, you need to apply glue underneath the rivets on the blades so that blades do not vibrate.

Burning smell:

Ideally this can be a call to change your fan, but there is a way you can repair this issue.

This indicates that the windings are most likely burnt up and needs to be changed; you can open the fans as directed above. You will have to get re winding done from a local hardware shop because if the winding is not done properly it will result in unnecessary energy losses. Simply put back the dismantled parts together and the smell should have gone.

Not turning on/ Capacitor blown up:

Not turning on and a burning smell is an indication that your winding has blown up. In which you will have to get your stator rewinded.

The other issue can be there is a loose connection in the wiring, all you need to do is test if there is current in the line and remove and fix the lines in the OC connector.

If the above solutions do not work out for you this might indicate a blow up capacitor, the fix is simple. The capacitor is hinged to the shaft with two screws, just get a similarly rated capacitor and replace the existing capacitor with a new capacitor.

Though repairing your fan might save you a few rupees, the real savings comes from smart decisions like changing your fans with energy efficient ceiling fan like Atomberg . Atomberg fan save upto Rs 1500 per year, comes with a remote and comes with a 3 years warranty.

Hope this article helped you cool down.

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