Companies Investing In Green Energy

We all can agree to the fact that when the big shots of any industry take a step, they set an example for the rest of the firms who tend to follow their footsteps to reach to their level. Apart from coming up with mere business strategies, doing something in order to conserve energy and ensuring a brighter future for everybody is an excellent way to set a wave of change all across the globe.

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Here are some of the huge companies who have taken a giant leap to encourage the use of #green energy:

  • Google
    #Google, the king of the internet, is investing about $300 million in renewable energy. They have contributed to San Mateo, a California-based SolarCity and are single-handedly supporting the development of approximately 25,000 power plants.
  • IKEA
    #IKEA has a plan to invest about $680 million in renewable energy over the subsequent 5 years. They have a map to be energy independent in their store by the year 2020.
  • Cisco systems
    #Cisco has a plan to buy renewable energy from a 153-acre solar farm in Blythe, California, which is being built by NRG energy.
  • Amazon
    #Amazon is building Virginia’s leading solar project which is an 80-megawatt solar farm. This solar farm will in turn power the Amazon Services data centers.
  • Berkshire Hathaway
    Warren Buffet of #BerkshireHathaway has doubled the amount that he had planned to spend on renewable energy projects in lowa, Wyoming and California. The amount to be invested is now $30 billion.

We hope this step taken by these companies encourage other firms to invest in green #energy so we and our future generations don’t have to witness the exhaustion of non-renewable resources.

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