Corktown Common Park Will Teach You How To Recycle Water

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Corktown Common Park, Toronto is designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. Corktown is located in the landscapes of the West Don Lands. A US$135 million project, park contains playgrounds, a splash pad, an athletic field, open lawns, a marsh, barbeque along with tables and benches, a fireplace, bike paths, a boardwalk and an off-leash dog area.Corktown Common Park is built on an abandoned industrial land. It is a very sophisticated architecture but Corktown isn’t just famous for its fun activities. Their main attraction is the splash pad, due to the summers children need to get cooled off. The splash pas helps severely in this case. The design of the splash pad takes recycling water to a whole new level. Every drop of rain water hitting the park is reused at least two or three times before getting absorbed or evaporated away, claims project manager Emily Mueller De Celis.

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The rainwater flows through an ultraviolet filter as well as a constructed marsh before flooding into the park’s irrigation storage. The park saves about 555,000 liters of rainwater per day in peak season according to the design team.

The Corktown Common Park has received international recognition from popular Science magazine for its environmental and community impact. The park won because of its sustainable design as well as its positive and lasting impact on the community and the surrounding environment.

With the West Don Lands transforming from non-used industrial land into a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive multi-purpose community, this park is the key part of the transformation. Above are just a few of those 700 trees, looking westward at the new neighborhood and the downtown skyline. Corktown Common is already making waves as a newly opened park after its ribbon cutting ceremony this past summer.

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