Ecosphere PowerCube: A Portable Solar Generator

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. is a USA based manufacturing company that develops environmental technological solutions for global markets.In June 2014, Ecosphere Technologies came into limelight when they announced the completion of world’s largest portable solar powered generator. This mobile solar generator was named as “Ecosphere PowerCube”.
Ecosphere Technologies specialize in producing technologies that are used extensively used for military purposes to disaster relief and specifically for humanitarian efforts.

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This Powercube portable solar generator is available in three sizes and can be transported by truck, train, boat or plane. It can be installed in any workspace with sufficient space to accommodate a 10’, 20’ or 30’ standard ISO shipping container.

The generator is capable of generating 15 kw of electricity. Once the solar generator is reached its destination, with a push of a single button, the system is ready to go. The generator can be used for communications base, shelters as well as water treatment plant.

The rollers in the container have hydraulic actuators to support, which means they can be positioned easily. The photovoltaic solar panels have the batteries in built which store the energy on board.

The energy stored can be used to power up internet, satellites and wireless connectivity up to a range of 30 miles. The excess power can be used for external uses such as hospitals and schools.

The unit comes with on-board atmospheric water generators, which can take water from the air. It means unit doesn’t need a nearby water source as it is self sufficient with water regardless of its destination.

In 2012, leading energy firm HHV Solar Technologies from Bangalore developed a portable solar power generator that could produce 600 watt capacity of energy. This portable generator weighed 415 kg and could be deployed through air even to the remote locations.

In a tropical country like ours where we have sunlight all year round, this generator is an ideal substitute to the smoke emitting generators.

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