Energy efficiency- need of the hour

Energy efficiency is one of humanity’s most pressing yet underrated needs. Saving energy is not just limited to turning off appliances when not in use, or turning off your car engine when you are at a signal; or by using 5-star appliances. It goes much beyond this. 17% people globally don’t have access to electricity. In India, that number goes up to 22%. If we still think that our appliances and our systems are efficient, we must be deluded.

Some may say that switching to renewable sources (Solar, wind etc) is the answer. But if you are one of them, then it is very likely that you have no idea about the cost of installing any renewable energy set up. And given the fact that most of the countries facing acute power shortages are extremely poor 3rd world countries, renewable energy set up to run inefficient appliances will simply not be affordable. And it is not that there are not any downsides. If you count the carbon footprints that are caused due to renewable technology you will find out few interesting facts and why it will never be possible to meet the world’s existing power requirement only through renewable sources. You can find out more about how solar technology creates a negative impact on the environment on the link.

So now comes the billion dollar question. Despite all these constraints, how do we take care of the world’s growing energy needs? The solution to this problem could not have been simpler. If we know that supply is the constraint, the only way to manage it is to reduce the demand. And given the fact that almost everywhere, we use inefficient methods as well as appliances; a huge chunk of the demand can be cut down if we start using energy efficiently.

In fact, small investments in energy efficient appliances made at an individual level can go a long way in bringing down the energy requirements of the country. We can take India as an example. If every halogen and fluorescent lamps are replaced by LEDs, every pump replaced with an energy efficient pump, and every ordinary ceiling fan replaced by BLDC fans, we believe there won’t be any Indian village that will be left without electricity.

At Atomberg Technologies, we have already taken the first step. By launching Atomberg, which is India’s highest power saving ceiling fan, we have given the Indian customers the option of super energy efficient ceiling fan that they never had previously. And the best thing is that the same BLDC technology can be extended into various other appliances.

As someone correctly remarked, “Never say this is the best I could do, rather work on the best that can be done”, and that is the philosophy that we follow here. If all ceiling fans in India are replaced by Atomberg Fans, the energy saved will result in 5 crore additional Indians getting access to electricity. And this can be achieved just by replacing the ceiling fans. Can you imagine the day when applications such as grinders, mixers, washing machines, pumps etc start using only BLDC motors.

Once that happens, the demand for power would drastically come down. And once the demand itself comes down, it would make much more economic sense to go for alternate and renewable sources of energy like solar, wind etc.

So, don’t wait any longer. Switch to energy efficient appliances and be the change that you want to see.

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