Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Ever since the invention of the ceiling fan, this cooling appliance has taken many forms: from a tower fan, to a bladeless fans, or a pedestal fan. It has been customized according to every possible requirement of its consumers. And the smart consumer today has a new demand: that of utilizing energy efficiently.

What Is An Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan?
Energy Efficient Fans are those fans that deliver high performance with respect to air circulation while consuming very less power. These fans are equipped with high-quality motors (e.g. BLDC motors) that requires much less energy to run at high speeds, as compared to a conventional ceiling fan. They not only keep the energy wastage at a minimum but also cut down on electricity costs to a considerable extent. This is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity and high demand for energy efficient ceiling fans.
Today, almost every reputed fan manufacturing company produces energy efficient ceiling fans that are rated accordingly by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) based on their energy consumption and performance. Estimates suggest that over the past few years, the usage of energy efficient ceiling fans has helped save up to 47 billion units of power per annum!

Features Of Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan
Among all the ceiling fan models available in the market, energy-efficient ceiling fans provide the highest service value owing to the fact that they deliver excellent air circulation even at low power consumption. Even at a power supply as low as 28W, these fans can deliver almost 220 CMM, which is quite impressive.

  • Since these fans consume less power, they prolong the life of an inverter. During a power cut, these fans can still deliver excellent performance by drawing minimal power from the inverter. Even in situations of power fluctuations and low voltage, these fans can function efficiently.
  • Energy efficient fans have the best quality motors, and thus, you do not have to worry about the overheating of the fan.
  • Usually, these fans come with a warranty period of 5 years for repair and replacement of damaged parts of the fan.
  • Most energy efficient ceiling fan models have a remote control that allows you to operate the fan (switch on/off, adjust the speed) without having to get up each time.
  • These fans are extremely economical as they can cut down electricity costs by up to 50%.

15% Savings in winter
Although during winters, fans are rarely used, most people are not aware of the ‘winterization” of fans. By just flipping a switch on your fan, you can save up to 15% on heating costs during winter. How is this possible? By merely reversing the direction of your fan blades! Most energy efficient fan models come with a small switch on the fan. This switch helps to alter the fan’s direction. As a result, the cooler air from the bottom is drawn towards the fan while the warmer air is pushed down. Usually, thermostats are placed at a floor level, so when this warm air is pushed down, you can lower the temperature of your thermostat and still stay warm. This is known as winterization of fans.
This technique is ideal for standard size rooms or rooms with tall ceilings. It is advised to check the connection properly before you perform this on your fan. The reason behind this is quite simple. As you reverse the direction of blades, they will be met with a strong opposing force which may cause the fan to heat up. This may also cause a short circuit. So, avoid this by thoroughly checking the fan wires and your electrical connection.

47% Savings in summer
By using energy efficient ceiling fans along with ACs, you can save as much as 47% on electricity costs during summers. Summers can get extremely hot and unpleasant, often demanding the need for an AC. Though not an economical option, an AC becomes a necessity in many countries. But you can cut down on the electricity cost by a simple experiment – using the fan and AC simultaneously. Energy efficient fans consume very low power while providing excellent air circulation. As the cool air is pushed down and circulated in the room, the AC will just enhance the effect of this air and keep you cooler. So, you can adjust the AC at a high temperature and still achieve the same cooling effect that you will experience by using the AC alone at a much lower temperature.

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