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For servicing or repair of out-of-warranty products, the service charges are ₹300 per product. The overall charges are decided by the engineer after inspecting and identifying the issue in the product.

Warranty Duration is Model Specific i.e. 3 Years for Some Fan Models and 2 Years for Some Fan Models. For More Clarity on Warranty Duration Please click here


Click here for the entire list of our service centrers.

There are two ways in which this can be done:

1) Click on the warranty registration Link.
2) Call us on 8448449442″

There are three ways in which this can be done:

1) Call us on 8448449442

2) Mail us at [email protected] between Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM

3) Register a complaint on our website by clicking here.

The warranty duration for accessories are as follows:
1) Remote & blade set: One year
2) Shackle kit, downrod, canopy: 15 days (against transit damage only).
To know more, please click here..

Standard installation charges are ₹300 per fan.

To claim the warranty of the product, we will need:
1) Invoice
2) Serial number of the product”

The Atomberg Renesa Smart + is compatible with Alexa and Google Home


We recommend that you bypass the regulator for optimal performance of your fan.

You can operate fan using toggle feature or you can operate using MI remote feature in MI Mobiles.

You can operate the fan using the toggle feature. You can also purchase a new remote from our website.

The serial number is available on the motor, warranty card and the packaging.

It is used to accelerate the fan to maximum speed.

The warranty period of the refurbished motor is one month from the date of purchase.

We recommend that you bypass the regulator for optimal performance of your fan.

All claims related to loss, shortage, damage, or breakage of goods received shall be registered in writing within 10 days of delivery.

Claims outside this period will not normally be considered by the company.

No. It won’t be compatible.

1. The defects or modification or alterations of any nature made in any part of the product by the purchaser or unauthorized personnel, as determined by Authorized Service Partner.
2. Warranty does not cover damage due to battery leak inside remote
3. Warranty does not cover voltage supply other than 160V – 250V.
4. The fan will not function above Input voltage more than 285V.
5. For remote variant Fans, Use of regulator is strictly not permitted and  warranty will be void for any damage to the fan and its components due to use of regulator
6. Warranty does not cover if the damage to motor winding due to usage of  power supply through invertor/generator or beyond voltage range.
7. Failure to use the Product(s) in accordance with the User’s Guide that may accompany the Product(s), or any other abuse or neglect with respect to the Product(s)
8. Company shall not be obliged to undertake repair of products found waterlogged, liquid damaged, damage due to lightning or tampered because of repair carried out by unauthorized repairers.

To purchase the Atomberg Protection Plan, click here.

Warranty registration for replaced fan / motor is not required.

Warranty is valid for units bought from ATPL’s online/e-commerce, authorised dealers-retailers, modern trade and general trade partners in India appointed from time to time.

The fans listed below are 5-star rated and BEE certified:
Renesa Alpha 1200
Studio+ 1200
Renesa 1400
Renesa 1200
Efficio R 1200
Efficio E 1200
Efficio 1400
Efficio 1200

We would recommend that you purchase the Atomberg Protection Plan (extended warranty) from the Atomberg website only.

If you purchase it from us directly, you can mail us at conta[email protected] or call us on 8448449442 between 9 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday. If purchased from other sources, you need to contact them directly.

In case we do not have a service centre at your location, we can arrange for a technician from the nearest service centre. If not, are placement will be sent.

No. The respective product must be in the warranty period for you to activate the Atomberg Protection Plan.

The warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners and products.

Yes. Warranty benefits can be availed in any city within the country (India).

It is recommended to completely bypass the regulator for better performance.

Repair against manufacturing defects is free of cost in the warranty period.

Yes. You can control multiple fans with a single remote if the model of the fans are the the same.

Generally, all electronic regulators are compatible (dimmer and step), but we would recommend that you use the step-type regulator for optimal performance.

The Atomberg Renesa Smart + is only compatible with Alexa or Google Home.

No. You can get the product replaced with another model within 10 days of purchase. To know more, write to us at [email protected]

Click Here for a better understanding of the toggle feature.

Yes. We return/replace/exchange the product within 10 days as per our return/replacement policy. To know more, write to us at [email protected]

We provide on-site service only.

After the complaint is registered in our service centre, the engineer will visit your place within 48 hours.

Yes. Atomberg fans are compatable with Sine Wave inverters.

If you are within a service centre zone, we will provide installation for the replaced product.

Once you receive the replaced product, You can call us on 8448449442 or mail us at [email protected] between Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm so that we can arrange installation of replaced product/part and reverse pickup of defective product/part.

You can contact our sales team at [email protected] for bulk purchase.

It is recommended to use accessories provided by Atomberg for optimal performance.

All of them, despite the difference in specifications, will help you save electricity. You can choose the best model based on your requirements.

“You can call us on 8448449442 (press 3 for sales) or mail us at [email protected] between Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM.
Or you can buy it directly from our website by Clicking Here.

It means that 2 years is the standard warranty and the 1 year additional warranty is what you get after you register for it on our website. Click here to know how.

These are the following features: Boost Mode, Sleep Mode, Timer Mode, Led Button, Speed Increase , Decrease button & ON/OFF button. To know more kindly click here.

Atomberg will still provide warranty on those if they are within the warranty period.

No, we don’t recommend it.


Yes, the ‘Universal Remote’ can be used for old fans with access to only limited features.

You can bypass regulator by disconnecting it from Main switch / Direct Power supply.

Yes. Warranty registration is mandatory. For warranty registration, click here.

Yes, all our technicians are vaccinated as per COVID guidelines. They take all the necessary precautions while visiting the customer’s place.

It means if the fan needs to be repaired, you don’t need to pay for the service as it covers under the warranty policy (If the fan is under warranty period).

Warranty of the replaced spare part for an ‘out-of-warranty’ product is 15 days.

We provide the standard size downrod only for high performance and stability of our fans. For a different sized downrod, the customer can buy it from the market.

The distance between Fan and Ceiling should be atleast 1 feet for improved performance.

Fan size Vs Room standard
1) 1400 MM Fan for 12*12 Room
2) 1200 MM Fan for 10*10 Room
3) 1050 MM Fan for Balcony or Study Room
4) 900 / 600 MM Fan for Kitchen

No. you may face problems while restarting the fan.

Atomberg fans can can be operated, with a remote, from maximum distance of up to 20 feet.

It’s a feature in Atomberg pedestal fan.

Rest assured, all our technicans are trained & certified.


As per the industry standard and guidelines, our fans are BEE rated.

In case the customer wants to cancel the contract before the completion of the contract period, there shall be no refund of the charges for the unexpired period.
To know more about the policy, kindly click here.

You can ask for the invoice from the technician or the respective service centre. If, due to any reason, they are not able to share the invoice, you can call us on 8448449442 or mail us at [email protected] We will respond between Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM.

Atomberg fans are made to sustain for a minimum of 10 years.

Atomberg fans work on BLDC technolgy. They consume 65% less power than ordinary fans. Hence, less electricity consumption.

A voltage stabilizer can be used to avoid overvoltage.

No. Atomberg fans don’t require an additional capacitor.

Yes. You can use a Smart Switch with an Atomberg fan.


In this scenario, warranty will be void.

You can address the customer care head at [email protected] between Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM along with your concern and ticket number.

Status of your registered complaint can be tracked through below link: Click Here

We support the following payment options at Atomberg :

  • Cash on Delivery (only available in selected pin codes).
  • Credit card.
  • Debit card.
  • Net banking.
  • Mobile payment.
  • Wallet.

Please retry making the payment after ensuring that the information entered is accurate, including all account details and the billing address. If your payment still fails, you can use the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option, if available, on the payment page to place your order. If your payment is debited from your account after a payment failure, it will be credited back within 7-10 days.

Refund will be initiated upon successful pickup as per our returns policy. The refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account within :

  • NEFT : 1 to 3 business days post refund initiation.
  • Online refund : 7 to 10 days post refund initiation, depending upon your bank partner.

Please use the Cash on Delivery option instead. We assure you that if the amount is debited from your account after a payment failure, it will be credited back within 7-10 days.

For COD refund please send us your order ID, contact number, reason for return to [email protected] and our team will get in touch with you.

Coupon code can’t be applied on the CC avenue page. It can be applied only on this page :


You can return / replace products purchased from the official Atomberg website within 10 days, except for our accessories.

  • You can create a Return request by your own for your order, kindly follow these steps :-

Step 1 – Click on this link , fill all the required details and click track order

Step 2 – Once the order has been marked delivered, you will get the Order Return tab, click on it and place a return request.

If you still want any assistance from our executive please contact us at 8448449442 or drop us an email at [email protected] with your order number, contact information and reason for return, and our team will get back to you.

  • We offer pick-up facilities in selected locations based on our courier serviceability.


We make three attempts to pick up the item, if the item is not picked up in the third attempt, the pickup request will be marked as failed. You can initiate a new return request, if the item meets the return criteria and is within the specified return/replacement period. For more details, please call our customer care.

Yes, you can modify the shipping address of your order before we have processed (packed) it, by just contacting us at 8448449442 or sending us an email at [email protected] with your order number, contact number, and new address.

Our team will make the respective changes and you will be sent an email confirming the same.

Contact us at 8448449442 or send us an email at [email protected] with your order number and reason for cancelling the order.

Our team will make the respective changes and you will be sent an email confirming the same.

For some pincodes multiple packet shipments are not serviceable. Therefore, we are splitting your order in consignments to ensure that the order is delivered at your doorstep. But don’t worry, your entire order will reach you even if it gets delivered in parts.