Future of Ceiling Fan Technology

Saving energy is like creating energy :

Ceiling fans contribute significantly to residential electricity consumption, especially in developing countries with warm climates. For example, in India, ceiling fans alone accounted for approximately 6 % of residential energy use in 2000. This figure is expected to grow to 9 % in 2020, an increase that is equivalent to the energy output of 15 mid-sized power plants.

Ceiling fan efficiency can be cost-effectively improved by at least 50% using commercially available technology like BLDC technology. If these efficiency improvements are implemented in all ceiling fans sold by 2020, 70 TWH/year (1 TWh = 109 kWH = 1 unit) could be saved and 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent  (CO2-e) emissions per year could be avoided, globally

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First step :

Launching Atomberg (India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan) is just a first step towards building a sustainable nation. Atomberg consumes only 28 watts, approx. 50% of the Energy Five Star ceiling fan (55 watts) and 33% of the conventional ceiling fan (75-80 watts). Atomberg contributes towards the nation by reducing the need of electricity and at the same time saves your money by killing your electricity bill.

Atomberg already have smart features like Timer mode and Sleep mode which makes our life more simple. The team is working on some more cool features. Be the first one to join us in the revolution of ceiling fan by having Atomberg at your home.

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