A Futuristic Approach to the Development of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an intrinsic part of life in the cooling of households in countries like India where they command an enormous market. The ceiling fan industry hasn’t witnessed much innovation in design or technology until the recent breakthrough of BLDC motors. Just like the major transition from incandescent to LED bulbs a few years back, traditional ceiling fans in India are being replaced by the modern BLDC fans. BLDC isn’t just another technological innovation but a revolution in the industry because the same output can be achieved with much less consumption of power.

In a world where we are looking to reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, BLDC is a new way forward in the fan industry. It’s only a matter of time before all these old and inefficient induction motor fans will be replaced by the smart, super-efficient BLDC fans. This is more relevant in a country like India because, in addition to being lighter, more efficient and having better controllability than traditional motors, the BLDC motors help in achieving stable performance. This allows constant rotational speeds even with unstable voltage conditions that are inherent in the Indian scenario.

Traditional Motor Fans: 

Traditional fans use induction motors consisting of two components – stator and rotor. When you pass current through the stator winding, electric flux is generated. This current flows through the coil which creates a rotational moment through a magnetic field. The speed is controlled by a regulator, which is highly inefficient because a lot of heat is dissipated due to resistance.

BLDC Motor Fans:

A BLDC motor fan uses AC voltage and internally converts it into DC. BLDC motor uses no brushes so the changing of the current direction is done through the driving algorithm. The main advantage of this over a period of time is the long-term use of this motor. In addition to the stator and rotor, BLDC motor uses a combination of permanent magnets and electronics to achieve the kind of efficiency and performance it delivers. An added advantage arises due to use of such an electronic circuit. One can add several additional features for convenience to the circuit, like sleep mode, timer mode and home-automation-systems compatibility.

At Atomberg Technologies, we have embarked on a mission to improve and upgrade the ceiling fan development in India. As compared to a regular induction fan, a BLDC-motor fan can help in savings of up to Rs 1000-1500/ year/fan. Also since there is no heating created in the motor, the life of a BLDC fan is also expected to be much higher than ordinary fans. If you are looking to buy efficient fans online in India, check out our range of futuristic Atomberg  Renesa+ ceiling fans

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