Global Warming And Its Effects On Our Ecosystem

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A gradual change in the Earth’s climate has been a crucial matter of concern since a few years now. The temperature of the land and the water bodies are increasing at an awfully prompt rate. Various human activities constitute as the major cause of global warming. The emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide increase the global temperature leading to global warming. The climate change differs from place to place around the globe.

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Here are some of the ways in which it’s affecting our ecosystem:

  • Floods
  • As the land temperature increases, the glaciers start melting at a faster rate which leads to a rise in sea level. This in turn causes floods in various areas across the globe.

  • Rise in the temperature of water bodies
  • As the global temperature increases, so does the temperature in seas and oceans. All the aquatic animals and plants cannot survive at all temperatures. Most of them are very sensitive and a rise in the underwater temperature leads to the death of the aquatic ecosystem.

  • Increase in the risk of species extinction
  • Many of the endangered species of animals and plants are very sensitive to temperature changes and in a world where change is the only thing that is constant it’s hard for them to survive.

  • Forest fires
  • Global warming is also a reason for more frequent forest fires that leads to deforestation at a large scale and loss of wildlife.

  • Spreading of various diseases
  • The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and so on which are the main components of air pollution. People are suffering from breathing problems. Also, bacteria grows and spreads faster in warm temperatures.

We need to switch to eco-friendly technologies to lessen all sorts of pollution which will in turn, in some way, stop global warming. There are various types of eco-friendly technologies which we should use such as Gorilla fans which save up to 65 percent of the energy and money.

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