Atomberg Fan Is Now An Amazon Prime Product

Atomberg Technology, manufacturer of the Atomberg Fans. Starting off as a modern hardware company by freshly graduates from IITB to being one of the supporters and contributors for #GreenBuildings programme by GRIHA Council, we are making our visions come true.Atomberg Fan, our first consumer segment appliance is making it big with just using a little of what it takes to run other big branded ceiling fans i.e. 28Watts. It is a low wattage ceiling fan till date.

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With having a wide network of distributors all over major places in India like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Pune & Delhi; we also happened to be #FoundOnAmazon. Atomberg fan is now on Amazon.In, under Prime category. Amazon.In Prime is fulfilled by Amazon and has the fastest delivery for FREE.

The Atomberg Fan is available on Amazon.In Prime since 4th April 2016 with a 4-star rating review by consumers.

Atomberg fan comes in 3 different colors; White, Ivory, Brown. A smart remote comes along with the fan. It works as a regulator and has SLEEP & TIMER mode that helps you regulate the speed of the fan after set hours but here’s the catch SLEEP mode gradually reduces the fan speed after set hours even when you’re sleeping.

India’s most efficient ceiling fan is #FoundOnAmazon, India’s trusted online shopping website.

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