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If you are looking for Super Energy-Efficient fan, we present you Pedestal fan from Gorilla. With power usage of just 30 Watt, adjustable height, less than 60 dB noise and superior air delivery of more than 70 cmm, these pedestal fans offer you the best of all worlds.

Buy Gorilla Energy Saving
5 Star Rated 400 mm (White) Pedestal Fan
with Remote Control & BLDC Motor
₹. 3,890.00

Product Features

  • Super energy efficient BLDC Motor
  • Easy speed control using smart remote
  • No Heat Loss
  • Consistent performance every at low voltage and power
  • 3 years of limited warranty
  • Save Rs 1000- Rs 2000 per year depending on usages



Blade Size
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Technical Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Sweep 400
RPM 1300
Air Delivery (cmm) > 70
Noise (dB) < 62
Power consumption (W) 30
Blade PP
Number of blades 3
Height adj Yes
Weight (kg) 7-8 kg
Body Colour White
Remote Yes
Warranty 1+1*Yr

Comparison of Atomberg Pedestal Fans v/s Ordinary Fans

Unlike ordinary pedestal fans that run on induction motors, Atomberg pedestal fans only use high-performance and energy efficient BLDC motors. These motors not only consume less power, but they also deliver excellent air circulation in rooms.
While most pedestal fans consume about 40-70 Watts, Atomberg fans have been crafted to cut down your power consumption by almost 65%. They have specially designed aerodynamic blades, so that you enjoy a noise-free experience. In addition, these fans come with a smart remote control and advanced features.

BLDC Technology

The power behind the gorilla fans

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current and this technology
results in the Gorilla fans consuming just 28W even at full speed.

Key features :
1. No heat loss

All heat losses and Eddy Current losses are eliminated due to the technology

2. Sensorless design

Commutation is done by back EMF, thus making the design more reliable and increasing longevity

3. Proprietary smart motor tuning algorithm

Use of Atomsense algorithm to tune the motor in real time for highest efficiency

4. Use of permanent magnets

Permanent magnets are used in the rotor to drive superior performance