High-Speed Ceiling Fans

Fans have become an integral part of our lives. They are the most economical and efficient means to meet our cooling needs. Ever since the invention of the first electrical fan, they have undergone numerous modifications and transformations over the years. Today, there are many different varieties of fans available in the market. The ceiling fan is one very popular household appliance in India. Ceiling fans are classified into many types, such as mini ceiling fans, energy efficient ceiling fans, designer ceiling fans, and high-speed ceiling fans, to name a few.

A high-speed ceiling fan is a fan that delivers excellent air circulation throughout the room, owing to its high-performance motor. Today, there are many types of high-speed ceiling fans that have taken hold of the domestic market in India. Due to their capability to circulate air faster and at high speed, these fans are quite popular.

High Speed and Excellent Cooling Effect

With the advancement of technology, ceiling fans have transformed into much more than cooling devices. They are great for proper ventilation in the room; they help save energy by enhancing the efficiency of AC and thermostat during summers and winters respectively, and also, the designer and stylish models add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Most high-speed ceiling fan models have a fancy and sleek design. Usually, they come with shorter blades, and their motors have a greater number of windings in the coils of the motor. This feature of these fans enable them to overcome the opposing force, that is, the drag effect, and thus, they can rotate faster at an impressive speed.

It is a known fact that besides circulating the air, ceiling fans aid the process of evaporation of sweat from the human skin. During summers, high-speed ceiling fans can be an excellent choice as they escalate the process of sweat dissipation, thereby, making you feel ‘cool’ in no time. As they move at a great speed, high-speed ceiling fans circulate the cool air down and attract the warm air up at an increased frequency than conventional ceiling fans. Though these fans can consume up to 70-75 Watts, their outstanding efficiency at cooling makes them a popular choice. One important fact about these fans is that their cooling efficiency also depends on the room size. While one high-speed ceiling fan is sufficient to cool a standard size room, it might not be adequate for a large room, which may require two high-speed ceiling fans.

Good Looks and Durability

High-speed ceiling fans are crafted in a way so as to optimize their performance. Their blades are generally on the shorter side that helps them overcome the aerodynamic drag. The motors also have more number of coil windings than regular ceiling fans. Both these features complement each other well, thus, optimizing the overall output. Furthermore, these fans have a powerful capacitor to produce a proper starting torque, and rotational motion can operate well even on less power. All of these features combined, result in a higher RPM.
Since high-speed ceiling fans are equipped with good motors, they are durable and sturdy. They come in many stylish designs, colours, and finish, thus, making them a great addition to your home. Most of these fans have a dust-free metallic lustre finish that not only is appealing to the eyes, but the dust-free coating will maintain the lustre for a long time.

Different Types of High-Speed Ceiling Fans

There are many styles and types of high-speed ceiling fans. You can choose a fan best suited for you according to the room size, ceiling height, and the blade size. Here are three types of high-speed ceiling fans.

  1. Standard
    The standard variety is usually plain and simple in design. They have flat and regular shaped blades. Most fans in this category also support a light unit so that you can add a beautiful light for a more stylish look.
  2. Energy efficient
    As the name suggests, this variety of high-speed ceiling fans deliver great air circulation while consuming less power. They are great power savers that help you cut down a lot on your electricity bills. These, too, come in many designs and colours.
  3. Vintage
    This category of high-speed ceiling fans stands out in the crowd because of their classy and elegant vintage designs. Having all the advantages of a high-speed ceiling fan, these are the most attractive fans you can ever come across.

Apart from these, high-speed ceiling fans are also available with a dual motor system – it allows air circulation in two opposite directions and scales up the air circulation in one particular direction. High-speed ceiling fans are great for cooling standard size rooms.

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