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William Gilbert through his extensive research gave us electricity in the 1600s and time has never been the same. Through the years we have developed new technologies and there is no looking back. We are in a time where #fans are made that run on merely 28watts making it energy efficient. Atomberg thrives everyday to deliver the best energy efficient products. As we move forward with technology let’s take a look back to how it all evolved.

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Fans have been an essential part of every commercial and household ever since electricity has been available for mass usage. From ventilation to circulating air fans have made a permanent mark in our lives.

It all started in the year 1734 when John Theophilus Desagulier of French origin realised the need to ventilation in mines. He developed the first paddle fan to make it easier for the mine workers.

With Electricity making progress, Schuyler Skaats Wheeler came up with the eclectic fan. It wasn’t anything like the fans we see today but it sure served the purpose and it was a good start in the year 1882.

In 1889, Philip Diehl developed and patented the ceiling fan. It was a revolutionary move as technology moved forward on the same lines.

Fans with two blades made a debut in 1896. This was followed oscillating fan in 1902.

Air conditioners have been invented since then, but the application of fans is ever increasing.

Having said this, with the increasing expenses, its necessary technology is developed towards a sustainable future. Here at Atomberg we strive to do the same.

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